Special / Government job wali dulhan for marriage I will give dowry man demand on road with poster

Zoom News : Jan 25, 2023, 07:06 PM
Trending Video: Where thousands and lakhs of forms are filled for a few posts in the desire of a government job. To get a government job, standing in queues in front of government offices for hours along with years of education has become a common thing. In comparison to the number of educated youth, now very few vacancies are being published for government posts. The youth of the state and the district have to pay for the government jobs being released in small numbers by the government.

Dowry I will give - a young man standing in the market with a poster

On the other hand, along with the government job, the desire of the youth has also increased for the girl with government job for marriage. A similar case has come to the fore from Chhindwara. A young man is standing in the middle of the market at Fountain Chowk of Chhindwara district headquarters with a poster in his hands, in which it is written – I want a girl with a government job for marriage, I will give dowry.

Video going viral on social media

A video of this entire incident is going viral on social media. In no time, this video got viral on various social media groups of the city. Along with this, it has also become a topic of discussion in the whole city. Now people are doing a lot of viral on the internet. This young man standing in the market carrying the poster left from there after some time. After watching this video, people are also saying that the world is going to change soon.