Viral Video / Guests were not paying attention to the bride, got angry and did such work on stage itself

Zoom News : Jul 24, 2021, 05:46 PM
New Delhi: The bride and groom are the center of attraction in every wedding. All the guests have their eyes fixed on them (Bride Groom Video). Some are eager to be photographed with them, some to give blessings and some just reach the stage to have fun. But a different story is seen in this wedding video. Here the bride (Angry Bride) got angry with the guests and the groom and did something that everyone kept looking at her. Watch Viral Video.

bride sitting on the groom's lap

A wedding video is becoming very viral on social media. No matter how much the husband and wife fight after marriage, but on the night of the wedding, they did not see anyone getting upset and celebrating. However, seeing this video of the bride and groom going viral on social media, you will laugh a lot. Actually, the groom was sitting on the stage surrounded by his friends. No one was looking at the bride and hence she sat down on the groom's lap.

stunned guests

Everyone was surprised to see such an act of the bride on the wedding stage. All the guests sitting around the groom were stunned to see him. No one suddenly understood why the bride took such a step in front of the guests. The faces of the guests in this wedding video are worth watching.

People liked the bride's swag

So far 1 lakh 23 thousand people have seen this viral video. Social media users are very much liking such a bride's swag.