SRH vs GT / Gujarat-Hyderabad match canceled due to rain - SRH qualifies for playoffs

Zoom News : May 16, 2024, 10:20 PM
SRH vs GT: The match between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Gujarat Titans in IPL-2024 has been canceled due to rain. It rained in Hyderabad from Thursday evening till night. In such a situation, the umpires decided to cancel the match after discussing with both the captains. Both teams were given one point each. With this, Sunrisers team has reached the playoffs of the current season. Hyderabad became the third team to reach the playoffs. Now the team can reach only 17 points by defeating Punjab in the first match on May 19. On the other hand, Gujarat's second consecutive match was washed out due to rain. Gujarat has been able to reach only 12 points after 14 matches. Last time the team was out of the playoff race, while Kolkata got the playoff ticket.

Hyderabad in playoff

The 66th match of IPL 2024 has been canceled due to rain. Sunrisers team was to face Gujarat in Hyderabad. However, even before the toss, it started raining and the toss could not take place. The rain stopped for some time around 7:30 and it seemed that the match would start with a delay of half an hour. The time for the toss was fixed at 8 o'clock and the match to start at 8.15, but five minutes before 8 o'clock it started raining heavily again and did not stop again. There was a cut off time of 10.30 for a five-over match.