The crooks scared of the UP police / Hanged a placard around the neck, wrote - I am Bhola Yadav, do not shoot me

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 11, 2022, 09:27 PM
Agra. Fear of police is being created among miscreants in UP. During the tenure of Yogi government, miscreants either have encounters or bulldozers go on their homes. In such a situation, the miscreants are also surrendering in front of the police to save their life and property. One such case happened in Rasulpur police station area of ​​Firozabad. On Saturday, a miscreant reached the police station to surrender with a placard hanging around his neck. This crook was wanted in the robbery that happened 50 days ago. He surrendered at the police station on Saturday.

Let us inform that on April 18, chemical trader Prahlad Goyal, resident of Mohalla Hanuman Road in the city, was going home on foot via Durganagar late at night. On the other hand, three bike-borne robbers robbed Rs 1.10 lakh and two mobiles from them on the strength of a gun in street number five. According to the complaint lodged, he was also attacked with a deadly attack. The police started investigating the matter as soon as the complaint was received. In this case, the police also checked many CCTV footage of the area. Based on the information obtained in the investigation, the police arrested two robbers who carried out this incident.

The looted goods were recovered from both the arrested accused. At the same time, the police were looking for the third absconding robber. On Saturday, Bhola alias Pushpendra Yadav, resident of Kamaraj's Thar Gudaun police station, reached Rasulpur's police station to surrender. He had a placard around his neck which read – I am Bhola Yadav, wanted in the case. Today I have come in front of you at Rasulpur police station. Don't shoot me Already, the police was raiding for his arrest, fearing that he surrendered in the police station.

The police arrested him and started questioning. The police came to know that this is the third robber of Prahlad Goyal's robbery. Inspector Rasulpur Kamlesh Kumar said that Bhola had gone to the district court on Saturday before surrendering. But there his mind changed and he came to Asafabad with the family members. There he took a marriage card on the back of which wrote about his surrender and reached the police station.