Hardik Pandya News / Hardik and Natasha's relationship ended? There was an uproar over removing the surname from Instagram

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 24, 2024, 05:53 PM
Hardik Pandya News: Mumbai Indians captain Hardik Pandya's professional and personal life is not going well these days. His team has already been out of IPL. Now news is coming that everything is not going well between the star all-rounder and his wife Natasha Stankovic. Actually, the film actress and Hardik's wife has removed the surname from her Instagram account. Due to this, speculations are being made that all is not well between the two.

Natasha deleted the photos

Apart from this, the model has deleted all her pictures with Hardik from social media. Both of them got married in the year 2020. In the same year, Natasha gave birth to a son named Agastya Pandya. Speculations about their separation are also being made due to the fact that March 4 was Natasha's birthday. During this period no post was made from Hardik's side. At the same time, the film actress removed all her recent pictures with Hardik from social media except the photo in which Agastya is with her.

Hardik Pandya and Natasha were married on 31 May 2020. The couple had a court marriage. Both also have a son. Let us tell you that Natasha's earlier name on Instagram was Natasha Stankovic Pandya. Now he has removed the Pandya surname from his ID. After this, there are reports of their separation. At the same time, Hardik Pandya did not post anything on Natasha's birthday. After this both of them were not even seen together. The two have separated a long time ago, but it has not been officially confirmed. 

How did Hardik and Natasha's love story begin?

Before Natasha, Hardik's name was associated with many models and actresses. However, Hardik had denied all this. After this, Hardik met Natasha Stankovic in a night club. Natasha did not know then that Hardik was a cricketer. Hardik himself had told about this story. He had said- Natasha had no idea who I was. We talked to each other and gradually came closer. He had seen me in the hat where we met.

Hardik said- I was sitting at one o'clock in the night wearing a hat, a chain around my neck and a watch in my hand. Natasha thought it was some random person. It was during this time that our conversation started. Then we started dating each other. Hardik and Stankovic started appearing together in many parties. However, before 2020, both of them never openly disclosed their relationship. Hardik felt that Natasha was the right person with whom he could spend his whole life. 

Wedding in 2020

After this Hardik introduced Natasha to his family. Within a year, Hardik sealed the relationship. However, his parents did not know that he was going to get engaged. In 2020, their engagement was revealed through an Instagram post. After this Hardik got married to Natasha in a private function. In July 2020 itself, Hardik told that he was going to become a father.