Andhra Pradesh Rape Case / Heartbreaking incident with pregnant woman, gang-raped at railway station in front of family

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 02, 2022, 08:42 PM
New Delhi. People cannot even imagine the brute people doing such abominable act in the world. You will be surprised to hear this. Your forehead will be numb and your blood will boil. This is the story of such vampires who do not spare even a pregnant woman, this scoundrel of the society is cruel in the name of human being. Yes, this incident which shakes the soul can disturb you too. In this incident from Andhra Pradesh, three miscreants kidnapped a pregnant woman waiting for the train with her family at the station and then committed a heinous act like rape in front of the family at a distance. What is even more ironic is that when the woman's husband informed the Railway Police, no one was found there and gang-rape took place with the innocent pregnant woman.

All three criminals arrested

According to the news of NDTV, this incident is from Bapatela district of Andhra Pradesh. The husband, wife and family of three children were on their way from Guntur to Krishna district. These people were waiting for the train at midnight, when three criminals came and tried to kidnap the pregnant woman. When her husband protested, the poor made her half dead. Then gang-raped the woman at a distance from the station. The incident happened at midnight on Saturday and the very morning of Sunday. The husband appealed to the Railway Police for help, but the police did not help. The woman is being treated in the hospital. All three criminals were arrested. One of them is a minor. The victim's family is a resident of Prakasam district.

Police missing from station

The family was sleeping on the station bench on the Saturday night of the incident. Suddenly three hunks came and woke them up. The three poor men were intoxicated. Suddenly all three attacked her husband. When the wife came to save her, she dragged her away. The husband kept pleading with the railway police, but there was no one to listen to him. Because not a single police personnel was present in the police station. The woman was later found unconscious in a bush. He was taken to the hospital. The incident comes at a time when the state government is implementing a scheme to ensure the safety of women in Andhra Pradesh through fast track investigation under the Disha program.