Science / How much time does humanity have left answer by harvard professor Avi Loeb to young scientists

Zoom News : May 22, 2021, 12:46 PM
New Delhi: With the origin of humans, there has been a question that when the earth or humans will end, there are many questions about the concept of creation and destruction of the world. According to Hindu beliefs, the creation and end of life is at the hands of God. Lord Vishnu himself has saved the earth and mankind by taking incarnations from time to time. It has been interpreted differently in every religion. In today's era, science is the predominance of science. With this perspective, many scientists of the world have made many claims regarding the elimination of humans and the world. There has always been some discussion about the timing of the destruction of the earth by quoting movies and ancient civilizations of the world.

Big question about the future

Actually this discussion here is because recently, Professor and Scientist Avi Loeb of Harvard University asked the question to scientists, how long will the world last? What will be the date of the end of the earth or the end of humans? With this, he has appealed that all of them work together to stop Global Warming. Make Vaccine and with this, find clean alternative to sustainable energy.

'Preparation of sperm bank in space'

The professor said that there is still a lot of work to do. Everybody should have to eat poustik food and find a way to do it. Prepare to build large base stations in space. Also try to contact the aliens. Because from the day we technically become fully matured, from that day the entire generation of humans and the earth will be ready to be destroyed. Significantly, in the last few years, large scientists of the world have been insisting on making sperm banks in space. Work has started in this direction. Under such a mission, Professor Loeb says that at the time of the destruction of the earth, all these discoveries and technological development will be able to save some humans present at that time.

'It is important to increase the lifespan of humans'

Professor Loeb, addressing alumni of Harvard University, said on the basis of a mathematical calculation, "At the moment the most important thing is to increase the lifespan of humans." Because I have been asked many times, how many years will our technological civilization survive. In such a situation, my answer is that we are in the middle of our life. This earth can survive for millions of years or humans can live for a few centuries but not more than this. But can this future be changed? '

'The Role of Pandemic and War'

Avi Loeb said that due to the way the condition of the earth is deteriorating due to humans, it seems that humans will not be able to live on earth for long. In a few centuries, the condition of the earth will become so bad that people will have to live in space. The biggest threat is the Technological Catastrophe. At the same time, there are two major dangers, epidemics developed by humans and war between countries. If all these things are not done positively, then the earth will end by humans or it will destroy itself.

Loeb said that the weather of different countries is constantly changing unexpectedly. The glaciers are melting. The sea level is rising. The volcanoes, which have been sleeping for hundreds of years, are again on fire. Sources of oxygen on the earth such as the Amazon forest and other important parts are being destroyed by fire. How can one forget Australia's fire. Millions of animals have fallen into it.