Lok Sabha Elections / I was sent to jail because I built good schools - CM Kejriwal said in the road show

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 12, 2024, 10:27 PM
Lok Sabha Elections: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal fiercely attacked BJP on Sunday. On Sunday, CM Arvind and Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann held a road show in Moti Nagar of New Delhi parliamentary seat. On the occasion of the road show, CM Kejriwal alleged that he has been sent to jail because he built good schools in Delhi. Gave electricity for free. So they sent him to jail.

He said that you all have given a lot of blessings. I have missed you all a lot in jail. There was a little pain in your heart. Therefore granted bail to join. They say that you will have to go to jail after 20 days. Whatever button you press, if the button is pressed on the broom, there will be no need to go to jail. This power is in your hands.

I built a school, then sent me to jail

CM Kejriwal said that I was wondering why they sent me to jail, because I built good schools. Made arrangements for electricity. Arranged for free electricity. Worked for you guys. If I am building 500 schools, they are putting me in jail. This is dictatorship. We have to fight against this dictatorship.

He said that they did not give me diabetes medicine for fifteen days in Tihar. I built mohalla clinics and hospitals, that is why I was sent to jail. If someone does good work then let him do it.

Want to change the constitution like Putin

CM Kejriwal said that BJP people are saying that give them 400 seats. They are not telling why 400 seats are needed. It is said that he will do great things. When asked, I came to know that they will cancel the reservation. Like Putin did in Russia. Putin changed the constitution. This will also change the Constitution. Will stop the elections within the country. Do you want democracy to end from the country? Is reservation over? Like Russia, they will not allow elections to be held by changing the constitution. They want to bring dictatorship.