ICC WTC Final / If the result of WTC Final is not due to rain, then who will become the champion?

Zoom News : Jun 01, 2023, 05:45 PM
ICC WTC Final: The final of the second edition of the ICC World Test Championship is to be played between India and Australia at The Oval in England from June 7 to 11. The Indian team reached the finals in the first edition as well but could not win. This time Team India would like to fill that gap and end the drought of winning the ICC trophy since 2013. This match is in England and at that time rain can become a hindrance.

In such a situation, the question will be in everyone's mind that if it rains in the final, the match is drawn, then what will be the result of the match. Recently, due to rain, the final match of IPL was played badly. In such a situation, the fans would not want rain to become an obstacle in another final.

What if it rains

There is a possibility of rain during the match in England. According to worldweatheronline, there is a possibility of continuous rain between June 7 and 11. There may be light rain during the first three days i.e. from June 7 to 9. But there is a possibility of more rain on June 10 to 11. What will happen if there is no rain? By the way, ICC has kept an extra day i.e. reserve day for this final.

But even then the result of the match is not out, then both the teams will be declared joint winners. That means both India and Australia teams will become winners. If both the teams become joint winners, then another question would arise here and that is what will happen to the prize money in such a situation. By the way, the winning team will get 1.6 million dollars i.e. 13 crore rupees. On the other hand, the runner-up team will get an amount of six and a half crores, but if both the teams become joint winners, then both the teams will get Rs 6.50-6.50 crores.

When can reserve day be used?

ICC has kept the option of reserve day for this match. This day will be used when the match is not completed in the stipulated time due to rain. If the game is less than the stipulated time in the stipulated five days and the winner is not decided, then also the reserve day can be used. If the result of the match comes in the stipulated five days, then there will be no need of reserve day. .The match will be played on the reserve day only if less than the scheduled overs are played on each day of the match. The match referee will decide whether the reserve day will be used or not.