Country / If you are getting CNG installed in the car then stop first know the new information of the transport department mix the engine model

Zoom News : Oct 09, 2021, 07:37 PM
After the rising prices of petrol, people who have installed CNG kits in their cars are now going through trouble. When these people are going to the Regional Transport Office (RTO) after getting the CNG kit installed in the cars with state-of-the-art hybrid engine, they came to know that the option of petrol and battery has already been given in its registration. In fact, CNG as a third option cannot be given a place in the registration card. In such a situation, people get upset and are engaged in cutting the rounds of RTO and dealers.

According to the information received, along with the increase in the price of petrol, the number of people who have installed CNG kits in vehicles is also increasing very fast. People are buying only cars fitted with CNG kit or are getting CNG kit installed in new cars only. After installing the kit, when those people reach the RTO office to get the vehicle's registration card updated, it is found that the engine of their car is hybrid, due to which it is difficult to update the registration card. This has increased the problems of the people.

According to the General Manager of the Automobile Showroom, many such people are coming to him everyday who have recently got CNG kit installed in their car. They demand to enter it in the car's documents but it is not possible for us, in fact their cars have already been given the option of petrol and battery. RTO Jitendra Singh Raghuvanshi told that talking to the smart chip company about this problem After doing this, advice has also been sought from the Headquarters.

RTO office access is detected error

Due to lack of information about this, when the vehicle owner reaches the RTO office, he comes to know that his vehicle has a hybrid engine. Because of this it cannot be updated. Due to lack of information, people have got CNG kits installed but now they are facing problems. Distressed vehicle owners are demanding from the RTO that they should be given in writing that their vehicle is not going to run on petrol, but the RTO says that this is not possible at their level.

Insurance company can say NO CLAIM

According to the official of the insurance company, if you are making any changes in your vehicle after buying the vehicle, then it is mandatory to give this information to the RTO office and also inform the insurance company. Otherwise, if you apply for a claim for a vehicle accident, the insurance company will directly reject it.