Earthquake / Iit roorkee scientists developed earthquake early warning system in uttarakhand alert on mobile phone

Zoom News : Mar 13, 2023, 05:58 PM
New Delhi. Due to earthquake, heavy loss of life and property is often seen. The biggest example of which we saw in Turkey and Syria where more than 50 thousand people died. Now Indian scientists have developed an Earthquake Early Warning System to avoid heavy losses due to earthquakes. This system, developed by IIT Roorkee, issues an alert about 45 seconds before an earthquake, due to which people become alert. This advanced system has been developed by Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IIT Roorkee) which is based on seismic sensor technology. This system has given successful warnings three times in the last four months.

Significantly, the Earthquake Early Warning System is such a project which has been developed by the scientists of the country according to Indian conditions. This system can prove to be very useful for the common people of Uttarakhand living in danger of earthquake, which can save precious lives by giving timely warning. In this system developed by IIT Roorkee, 170 sensors have been installed from Uttarakhand to Nepal border. This system has given successful warning about 45 seconds before the earthquake 3 times since November last year.

According to IIT Roorkee scientist Dr. Pankaj Kumar, this system has been developed keeping in mind the conditions of Uttarakhand. Where the possibility of earthquake is very high and there is also a danger of loss of life and property. The data of the places where the sensors are installed is recorded in a central server, after assessing which a warning is issued immediately. Seismic data is recorded from the seismic sensor and then an early warning system is developed through it. The data goes to the server, is analyzed and then a warning is given. At the initial level, the Earthquake Early Warning System has been made for Uttarakhand, which is connected to a special app. This app has been made by the Uttarakhand administration for the common people so that they can be saved from disaster. Alerts are sent to people from the app, which can be obtained in writing or through announcement.

Let us tell you that on November 8, 2022, this system detected the first case of 5.8 magnitude, which was an earthquake in Nepal. Warning was issued 45 seconds ago in Dehradun. On the other hand, on November 12, there was another earthquake of 5.4 magnitude in Nepal. Along with this, on 24 January 2023, people living in Dehradun were alerted about the earthquake on Indo-Nepal border through voice message and notification 45 seconds ago through the app. Home Minister Amit Shah has also mentioned this sensor system. The process of installing the system is going on at many more such sensitive places.