Relationship / Important things about sex that are considered pregnant are almost certain

Zoom News : May 30, 2021, 10:05 PM
Relationship | Some women become pregnant in a single attempt, while some women are able to conceive after a lot of effort. Most of the women come under some kind of pressure due to not being able to get pregnant even after all the efforts. Health experts say that having sex within a set time increases the chances of pregnancy.

Pregnancy is possible only after ovulation. Ovulation occurs when the eggs are released from the ovaries of women. These create a state of pregnancy after fertilizing from the egg sperm. When these eggs are released, if the sperm is present in the fallopian tubes of women at that time, it is very likely that the egg will fertilize and you can become pregnant. However, most women do not know the exact time of ovulation.

After ovulation there is about 12 hours to conceive (conception). This is because an egg has a lifespan of just 24 hours after ovulation. This means that if the egg is not fertilized within 12 hours after ovulation, the probability of pregnancy decreases.

Egg fertilization time after ovulation is very short. In order to increase the chances of pregnancy, you should start making sexual relations before the time of ovulation.

Sperm live for about 72 hours inside the uterus, so having sex for three days before ovulating increases the chances of getting pregnant. By having sex before ovulation, the sperm already present in the uterus fertilizes the eggs as soon as they come out.

You can also use ovulation strips to know the exact time of your ovulation. This will let you know when you are going to ovulate. With this help, you can plan your pregnancy correctly.

Symptoms of Ovulation - The time around periods is the time of ovulation. The body temperature usually increases by 1 degree at the time of ovulation. Luteinizing hormone is increased which can be measured with a home ovulation kit. Vaginal discharge, breast strain and abdominal pain are common symptoms.