Stunt Was Expensive / In MP, a young man was showing the feat of fire by filling petrol in his mouth, suddenly his face was scorched by the fire.

Zoom News : May 12, 2022, 03:26 PM
In Burhanpur district of Madhya Pradesh, it was costly for a young man to perform a feat, the youth's face got scorched while performing the feat of taking out a ball of fire by filling petrol in his mouth. After the accident, the youth was admitted to the district hospital, where his treatment is going on. The doctor who treated the youth has appealed to the people not to do such stunts.

In fact, Harshal, a resident of Shahpur in Burhanpur district, was performing a dance in a wedding ceremony to take out fire from his mouth. During this, due to negligence, he became a victim of an accident. The injured Harshal told that on Monday night he had gone to attend the marriage ceremony in Shahpur itself. While dancing here, he started performing the feat of fire. To show the juggle, I took out petrol from the bike and filled it in my mouth. I wanted to show him the feat of setting fire by blowing it in the air, but as soon as he poured petrol on him by placing fire in front of his mouth, the petrol caught fire. Due to which my face and clothes started burning. The people standing nearby immediately extinguished the fire. However, by then the face and one side of the neck had been burnt by the fire. Harshal told that he had seen this feat in TV and films, which he was also trying to do.