Bollywood / In school, I used to grab boys and kiss them when teacher was out: Kalki

Hindustan Times : Jan 18, 2020, 02:44 PM

Kalki Koechlin was quite the shrewd kid when she was in school. On The Tara Sharma Show, she revealed that she would be extremely well-behaved in front of her teachers but was “very naughty” behind their backs.

“I was very naughty in class, but I was a teacher’s pet. When the teacher was out, I was making dirty jokes and I was grabbing boys and kissing them. I was terrible!” she said.

“You know, how boys have that phase, right before puberty, where they hate girls? I would find it really fun to go and chase them, and try to kiss them and stuff. They would be like, ‘Eww, we’ll get girl disease!’ Then, back at home, my mother was a disciplinarian so I was very quiet and different at home,” the actor added.

Currently, Kalki is expecting her first child with boyfriend Guy Hershberg, who is an Israeli classical pianist. Though her pregnancy was unplanned, the couple is really excited about welcoming a new addition to their family.

Kalki will opt for a water birth, and has attended birthing classes where she has been learning breathing techniques, hypnobirthing and pre-natal yoga. She is due later this month.

In an earlier interview with Hindustan Times, Kalki opened up about the changes in her life due to pregnancy. She said, “My first few months were really horrible because I was vomiting and had terrible morning sickness. I couldn’t understand how do people do this, how do they have babies. Only in the fifth or sixth month, I started really enjoying the process. And, of course, in terms of planning, I am spending the right amount of time looking after my health, looking after what I am putting into my body.”

“Everything you do starts to affect you as now you start taking care of another human being like how you cross the road,” she added.