World / Iran hijab protest girl If women don't wear hijab she will naked on road in summers

Zoom News : Feb 14, 2023, 01:24 PM
Iran hijab protest girl: Hijab Protest is going on in Iran these days. There some women are demanding not to wear hijab. In this connection, 22-year-old Mehsa Amini has also died. Since then, there was a lot of increase in this Protest. There even today many clerics say that hijab law should remain. In this matter, the Imams and clerics have crossed the limits. A cleric has even said that if she does not wear hijab now, she will take off her clothes in summer. On the other hand, an Imam says that it did not rain because of them.

how did you make this statement

Maulvi has given such a statement. It has become a topic of discussion not only in Iran but in the whole world. He says that people should alert women wearing hijab wrongly and should not sit silently against them. Otherwise, those women and girls will come to the streets without clothes in summer. Let us tell you that protests have been going on in Iran since the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini. Some girls were arrested for wearing hijab incorrectly. Coming in support of Amini, many women had also stopped wearing hijab and they are openly protesting against the orthodox rules and breaking those rules.

It didn't rain because I didn't wear hijab?

What you read is correct. We are telling you once more that it did not rain because women did not wear hijab. We are not saying this. Last month an Imam of Iran had said this. He told Hijab because of less rain in Iran. Blaming the women, he had said that because of them there has been a water crisis in Iran. Apart from this, Mohammad-Mehdi Hussaini Hamdani, close to the Supreme Leader of Iran, also gave a similar statement. He had said that by breaking the rules of hijab, women have created a shortage of rain across the country. Imam says that women who do not wear hijab should be punished.