Bigg Boss 17 / Isha's class was very busy - making fun of Khanjadi was difficult.

Zoom News : Dec 02, 2023, 06:00 AM
Bigg Boss 17: After becoming a victim of Salman Khan's anger, this entire week was full of difficulties for 'Bigg Boss 17' contestant Khanzadi. Many times she tried to explain to her fellow contestants in the Bigg Boss house that she was ill for a long time and even today she is facing problems due to her chronic illness, but many housemates ignored her words. While doing this he was called a 'liar'. Isha Malviya made fun of his illness in this reality show of Colors TV.

After this attitude of Isha, today i.e. on Friday, 1st December, she will have to face Karan Johar in the latest episode of 'Weekend Ka Vaar'. Karan will be seen taking Isha to task for making fun of Khanzadi's mental health and her illness. Karan himself has always talked openly about mental health awareness and that is why Isha will have to be the victim of his anger. Let us tell you, despite this wrong attitude of Isha, her boyfriend Samarth Jurel, Neil Bhatt, Aishwarya Sharma and Rinku Dhawan supported her throughout this week.

Ankita had tried to stop him

Even though Isha's misbehavior towards Khanzadi may have been encouraged by some contestants of the house, there were some contestants who supported Khanzadi while opposing Isha in this fight. Ankita Lokhande saw Isha making fun of Khanzadi and tried to stop her repeatedly, but Isha did not listen to her at all. If Bigg Boss fans are to be believed, after listening to Karan Johar's scolding, it will not have any effect on Isha, because even before this, Salman Khan has raised questions on Isha's attitude many times, but the Udaariyaan actress has always ignored these things. .