Lok Sabha Elections / 'It would have been bad when...', Congress leader Kanhaiya Kumar's big statement on 'Ram Mandir wave'

Zoom News : Apr 06, 2024, 07:40 PM
Lok Sabha Elections: Congress leader Kanhaiya Kumar has accused BJP of carrying forward the communal and divisive agenda of Nathuram Godse by taking the name of Lord Ram. He said that 'individualism' in the country's politics is more dangerous than familyism. Kumar also claimed that BJP is trying to diminish the greatness of Hindu religion and there is no place for hatred for anyone in the concept of Ram. Kumar also said that efforts are being made to downplay the contribution of the Gandhi-Nehru family.

‘If there is a wave of Ram ji then it is not a bad thing’

Kumar was asked that there is talk of Ram Temple wave in the country due to the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya which can benefit BJP, so how will Congress 'deal' with this issue? On this he said, 'Why does Congress need to deal with this? If there is a wave of Ram ji then it is not a bad thing. It would have been worse if there had been a wave of Nathuram (Nathuram Godse, who assassinated Mahatma Gandhi). I think he has no role in the campaign that BJP is doing. Ram ji was born in Treta Yuga, BJP was formed in 1980.

‘They take the name of Ram but do the work of Nathuram’

Kumar said, 'BJP is trying to deceive the people who believe in Ram, hence they take the name of Ram but do the work of Nathuram. This game benefits BJP.' According to him, it is against the culture, history and future generations of the country. Kumar said, 'If we look at the concept of Ram ji, he is present (everywhere). People and places are named after him. In some religions one place is important, but in Hinduism all places and all Gods are important.

‘When Scindia joined BJP he became a nationalist’

On the question related to the allegation on Congress being a familial party, Kumar said that if there is such a thing as familialism then everyone is familial. He said, 'This is a deliberate attempt to degrade someone's identity. When there is talk of dynasticism in the context of Congress, I ask whether it is limited only to the Gandhi-Nehru family or does it apply to other leaders also? If it applies to other leaders, then why is it that till the time Jyotiraditya Scindia was in Congress, he was a familyist and as soon as he joined BJP, he became a nationalist and a unionist?

Kanhaiya also said on contesting elections from Begusarai

When asked about RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav's alleged opposition to his candidature from Begusarai due to insecurity, Kumar said, 'I am not such a big person that whose father and mother were chief ministers, till a few months ago he himself was the Deputy Chief Minister. If we were there, he would be scared of us. They need to be afraid of the current governance and situation of the country.' On the question whether he wanted to contest the Lok Sabha elections from Begusarai in Bihar, Kanhaiya Kumar said that a person wants to follow the same path again and again. Is.