Science / Jaguar fighter plane rotates faster than its earth, do you know this?

Zoom News : Jun 28, 2021, 04:09 PM
Earth is constantly roaming. One so around the sun Second on your axis Like a basketball revolves on a player's finger. These things we know from childhood. But do they know how much the speed of earth is? Its speed of roaming on its own axis and the speed of roaming around the sun. Not only this, we will also tell you ahead of it that our solar system makes a glimpse of your galaxy i.e. Milky-Way.

After so many questions, your head may have started roaming on the neck like the earth. Answers to these questions first start searching from Earth. Earth takes a round in every 24 hours on its axis. But this is not right. Let's tell you the exact time. Earth takes 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds to a round on its axis.

The diameter of the earth is 40,070 kilometers. If you divide this distance from time to time, then the speed of the earth comes out of 1670 kilometers. That is, it revolves around its axis, which is more than the Jaguar Fighter Jet of an Indian Air Force. Jaguar flys at the speed of 1350 kilometers per day. At the same time, the earth runs at the speed of 1.10 lakh km to rotate around the sun. It has revealed Astronomers of Cornell University located in Ithaca of New York. These Astronomers have kept a blog, whose name is Ask Ann Astronomer. (

Ask Ann Astronomer also explains its mathematics. It has been reported that we have to calculate the circumference of this entire circle to name the distance of the earth around the sun. Earth is located at a distance of 14.90 million kilometers from the sun. It usually dizzies around the sun around the sun. The formula of the circumference of this spherical class is 2 * PI * Radius or 2 * 3.14 * 93 million Miles. Once the circumference goes out, the speed of roaming in the class will also go out. You do not have to get involved in mathematics, this speed is 1.10 million kilometers.

Our sun is in the solar system, around which many planets are rotating. This solar system is present in our Milky-he galaxy. This solar system seems rounded around the middle part of the galaxy. Astrophysist knows that our galaxy is also rotating all around its middle part. Because this conclusion has been extracted on the movement of every star.

The Astrophysist Katy Mac of Carolina State University says that the position of the wires present in the galaxy varies. All the stars are roaming around its middle part. Some roam on their axis too. Our entire solar system is moving fast around the midst of the galaxy. Katie gives a great example to explain it.

Katy says that if I start walking in, I can say that I am moving forward because buildings behind me are leaving. She is going back towards me. But when you look at some distant thing, it seems that she is roaming but in very slow motion. Like - no mountain It depends on your position and speed that you find that mountain walking far away.

The question is that our solar system is roaming around the middle part of its galaxy. The answer is that our solar system is rotating at the speed of 7.20 lakh km per day around the middle part of the galaxy. There is a lot of pressure and stretch around the galaxy. It pulls it to other galaxies and their group. Presses. Our solar system determines its speed in the galaxy according to the speed of other stars.

Katy says that we do not know the speed of earth, sun or solar system because we are roaming ourselves on earth. It is exactly the same as the passenger sitting in the airplane does not know how much their speed is. When Plane Takeoff does just then the passenger seems a little idea of ​​its speed. Once the plane reached the air then you do not know his speed. Because the speed is kept similar. He is not changed. If the speed is changed repeatedly, you will know. That is, if the earth or the solar system changed its speed then you will also know.

Katy said that if you have to see the speed of earth or your solar system then you have to see it out. Like you look out of the plane or train window, it seems to be the idea. Or seeing behind Landscape. We do not know the speed of the earth because we are standing over the earth, and at the speed of the earth, the sun is rotating around. Or are they roaming on his axis, as it happens in the plane.