Sachin Pilot News / June 11 Judgment Day! What will be the name of Pilot's new party? two names surfaced

Zoom News : Jun 06, 2023, 01:36 PM
Sachin Pilot News: Congress may face a big setback in Rajasthan. Party's strong leader Sachin Pilot can leave Congress and announce a new party. According to information received from sources, Sachin Pilot can announce his new party on 11 June. Along with this, they will also announce to take forward their movement.

Two parties registered in Rajasthan, Pilot can announce the name of one

According to information received from sources, two parties have been registered in Rajasthan. The name of one of these parties is Progressive Congress and the name of the other party is Raj Jana Sangharsh Party. Sachin Pilot can announce either of these two names.

The chariot named after the new party is also ready, Pilot will tour the whole of Rajasthan

Pilot is visiting temples before his big announcement. To take the movement forward, a chariot named after the new party has also been prepared. According to the information, he will tour the whole of Rajasthan with this chariot. The road map of this Rath Yatra has also been prepared. Sachin Pilot's tour may start from Marwar.

Pilots are opening front against their own government

Let us inform that for the last few days, Sachin Pilot has opened a front against his own government. He had also taken out a Jan Sangharsh Pad Yatra against corruption and the paper leak of government recruitment examinations in Rajasthan. They are constantly besieging Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on corruption charges. But in the election year, the central leadership does not want to take any risk by removing Ashok Gehlot. Assembly elections are due later this year and the Congress is hoping to form its government here again.