Rajasthan Budget 2024 / Congress called the budget a box of hollow announcements, while BJP called it welfare

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jul 11, 2024, 09:58 AM
Rajasthan Budget 2024: The 'monsoon of announcements' that has been prevailing in the state budget for the last several years in Rajasthan, rained heavily this time too. In the assembly, Finance Minister Diya Kumari, wearing a lehriya saree, made 188 big announcements one after the other. The officers who have been making Ashok Gehlot's budget magical for the last several years, prepared this budget. Therefore, the officers put new stars on the same stick and handed it over to the government. CM Bhajanlal Sharma was smiling and patting the table with full force, as if he was trying to give a clear message like the Modi government at the Center that we do not wait for the fifth year. Make the announcements in the first year itself.

The biggest announcement - four lakh jobs in four years. If there are no terms and conditions in this, then not only Rajasthan, but the mathematics, history and geography of BJP can change. Diya Kumari made some announcements for all sections and areas in her 2.51-hour budget speech. Now the big question is how will these announcements come on the ground in 9 months?

But amidst all this, Congress has called this budget a box of empty announcements and the ruling party BJP has called it all-encompassing and welfare for the public. So let us know what were the reactions of the big faces regarding the budget this time

This is what was kept in mind; how many times the names of CM and PM came up: Govind Singh Dotasara

Reacting to the budget, PCC chief Govind Singh Dotasara said that the budget of the centre has not come. Therefore, the state had nothing to say or give in this budget. There was a competition in this budget as to how many times the name of Chief Minister Bhajanlal Sharma would come up and how many times the name of PM Narendra Modi would come up. Apart from this, there was nothing.

Till now, the recruitments for which administrative and financial approval was given during the Congress regime have also not been completed. Now 1 lakh and 4 lakh more recruitments have been announced in 4 years. But there is no roadmap. There is no vision for OPS. Nor did we do anything about the concessions we were giving to farmers. It is not clear whether electricity will be free or not, whether the agriculture budget was made after asking Kirori Meena or not, whether the interim budget announcement will be fulfilled or not.

Silence on OPS will become a noose: Ashok Gehlot

Former Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said on the budget that the government's opinion on OPS has not been expressed in the budget. The state's Finance Minister did not give any opinion on OPS, due to which there is confusion among the state employees. The government should clarify its opinion on OPS. The budget has neither given relief to the public nor has it shown any roadmap for development.

According to Modi's guarantee, the prices of petrol and diesel will be reduced, but this has not been done. The public will have to face inflation in the coming days. Roadways has increased the fare of AC buses. It is surprising that instead of the Chiranjeevi Bima Yojana of Rs 25 lakh, this government has brought the Ayushman Yojana of Rs 5 lakh.

No roadmap to reduce unemployment: Sachin Pilot

Congress National General Secretary Sachin Pilot called the budget a bundle of announcements. Pilot said that the budget has been just a formality. Inflation is continuously increasing in the state. Unemployment is increasing. It was expected that the government would take some concrete steps on this, but it seems that it was just a formality. Today, the condition of the state is very bad due to the shortage of electricity and water.

Especially in the agricultural sector, they have not been able to fulfill the announcements made earlier. Now new announcements have been made. I think this budget has only been read. It has been announced in the House that there will be recruitments on lakhs of posts, but the people who were given jobs by our government in the last six months have not been given appointments. The budget is ineffective.

Our 9500 crores are our own: Tikaram Julie

Leader of the Opposition Tikaram Julie said about ERCP, Yamuna Water Agreement - These people were talking about Yamuna, be it Churu, Sikar, Jhunjhunu or any other district. They had to face defeat. Today, financial approval of 9 thousand crores has been issued for ERCP. Tell us when it was issued. The financial approval of 9,500 crores in this is from our time.

Isarda and Naunera dams were built by us. They have nothing to do with it. They are forcibly claiming that these are schemes of our time and money of our time has been given. Last time, 3900 MCM water was to be provided, but according to their MoU, 2500 MCM will be provided, then from where will they provide water to industries and farmers? This is not clear.

Ministers' reply; Budget is the vision document of CM and PM

The first full-time budget of the government is going to fulfill the aspirations of the people. This budget will bring the resolutions of Aapno Agrani Rajasthan to the ground. It will fulfill the goal of Developed Rajasthan 2047. Every section has been taken care of with 10 resolutions.

-Rajendra Rathore, former leader of opposition

The budget is historic for the development and overall upliftment of Rajasthan. It is beneficial and pleasing for the people of Rajasthan. I congratulate CM Bhajanlal Sharma and Finance Minister Diya Kumari for presenting the visionary budget.

This budget will touch every section of the society: Jhabar Singh Kharra

UDH Minister Jhabar Singh Kharra praised the budget and said that the budget of the state government is historic. This is not a budget, but a complete blueprint for development. 'Every section of the society has been taken care of. The distance between villages and cities will be reduced through the Greenfield Expressway. Every expectation of Rajasthan will be fulfilled. Under the far-sighted thinking of PM Narendra Modi and the leadership of CM Bhajanlal Sharma, the development of every citizen of Rajasthan is guaranteed. Cleanliness will increase with bio pink toilets in urban markets.

Health gets a budget of 27.6 thousand crores for the first time along with jobs: Gajendra Singh Khinvsar

Medical and Health Minister Gajendra Singh Khinvsar said that this budget is a big step towards materializing PM Narendra Modi's vision of Developed India-2047. 8.26 percent budget provision has been made for the upgradation of health services. The highest budget provision has been made for health till date. A provision of 27 thousand 660 crores has been made for the health sector. 1500 posts of doctors and 4 thousand nursing staff have also been created. Maa Health Infrastructure Mission and Rajasthan Digital Health Mission will be started for better health services, Ayushman Model CHC will be opened in every assembly.

There is no concrete plan for the development of the poor: Hanuman Beniwal

RLP State President Hanuman Beniwal said that the budget lacked a concrete action plan for the development of farmers, laborers and the poor. In the speech, the Finance Minister repeatedly mentioned the schemes of the Center. It seems that the budget has also been typed from Delhi. Most of the announcements will not be implemented.

Water will be provided to 25 lakh houses, interest free loans will be given to 35 lakh farmers: Kanhaiyalal Choudhary

Public Health Engineering Minister Kanhaiyalal Choudhary said that this is a public welfare budget. It is a budget dedicated to the poor, unemployed youth, women and farmers. This will lead Rajasthan to the category of developed states. Financial approval has been given for the first phase of ERCP project and work order has been announced. 1 lakh 45 thousand connections will be given to end the pending electricity connections by 31 March 2024. By making a budget provision of Rs 15 thousand crore in JJM, tap water will be provided to 25 lakh rural houses this year. 6 surface source based drinking water projects will be constructed.