Ashok Gehlot News / Traitors, worthless, useless, many opportunistic leaders in the party leaving Congress - Ashok Gehlot

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 27, 2024, 06:40 PM
Ashok Gehlot News: Former CM Ashok Gehlot has targeted PM Narendra Modi and the leaders who left Congress with BJP. Gehlot even called those who left Congress as traitors, worthless and useless. Gehlot claimed that in the situation of BJP getting less seats in Rajasthan, the CM is changing after the elections, what is the fault of the CM? Gehlot was talking to the media after paying tribute to former Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on his death anniversary at the state Congress headquarters.

On the question of calling those leaving Congress as non-performing assets, Gehlot said - Call those leaving Congress opportunists, call them non-performing, call them useless, call them worthless, call them backstabbers. Uses many words. The one who betrays is a traitor, what would you call a backstabbing person? These are the words for them.

Gehlot said- Those who left Congress have not done good. You rule for five years and then leave if you are in trouble. This was the time to act, history is made by it. I am standing in front of you, when Indira Gandhi herself lost the elections, Congress was wiped out, Nathuram Mirdha got one seat in North India, then we showed strength. Stand together in crisis. Later Indira Gandhi came back. When Congress's good days came, those who stood with it at that time have been holding big positions in the party for the last 40 years.

Traitors and opportunists also live in the party, such leaders should not become liabilities.

The former Chief Minister said – The specialty of Congress and Gandhi family is that the one who supports in times of crisis has no need to ask for a post. Those who betray and backstab are also in the party. I would also like to tell those who are with the party, tomorrow is yours and no one can stop your age. He should behave in such a way that in the coming 15 years he remains an asset of the Congress and does not become a liability. Those who had become Union Ministers also left. He was a young man who got the opportunity to become a Union Minister of State for the first time. I had earlier become the Deputy Minister. He became the Minister of State at the Centre, yet left it.

If BJP is losing then what is the fault of the CM?

Gehlot said- Electricity and law and order situation is bad in Rajasthan. People say that the CM will be removed after the elections. It's only been 4-5 months. If BJP is losing then what is the fault of the CM? Why are you removing them? The fault lies with Modi-Shah. You came and lied, made false allegations against our government, our government went away. Now the public is taking revenge. Now we will win the Lok Sabha elections in Rajasthan, there are three reasons for that. Our election management has been excellent. They are not allowing the new government to do any work, the government is being run remotely and starting from number three Amit Shah, everyone has told lies one after the other.

Chief Minister needs good advisors, he will not succeed if he works remotely.

Gehlot said- Paper was out 25 times in UP, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh. Not a word was spoken there. Here Modi, Shah and BJP leaders instigated the youth. Now exam papers get leaked, it is happening all over the country. Modi made it an issue in Rajasthan, made crime an issue. Now tell me, how many crimes are happening every day in Rajasthan. The Chief Minister has no time for all this. The situation in Rajasthan is becoming very critical. The Chief Minister is newly appointed, he needs good advisors so that he can be successful. If you work from remote you will never succeed. We can never succeed by following the instigation of RSS and Delhi.

The chair teaches everything, CM should not panic, complete five years, my sympathies are with him.

Former CM said- Chair teaches everything, CM should not panic. If you get scared then you will go away. If you get scared then you are sure to go. Modi-Shah will remove him later. The kind of style of Modi and Amit Shah, first love, praise and then remove. My sympathies are with them. You complete 5 years. Do not succumb to pressure from RSS-BJP leaders.

PM had said that he will not stop public interest schemes, now why are he closing our schemes?

Ashok Gehlot said- PM had said that I will not stop any scheme when the government comes to power. I had said that when BJP comes to power, my schemes will be stopped and weakened. Now I want to remind them why are you weakening our schemes? Why are you closing many schemes? Why were Annapurna kits discontinued? My photo was printed on them. My photo would have been removed and the photo of the new Chief Minister would have been replaced, why was the scheme stopped? There are many schemes which are being discontinued.

On the report of OBC Commission, backward Muslim castes were included in OBC, not everyone.

On the statement of the Social Justice Empowerment Minister about reviewing the OBC reservation of Muslim castes, Gehlot said - These people may give any statement, but our government had given reservation to the backward Muslim castes on the basis of the report of the OBC Commission. Reservation was given only after the recommendation of OBC Commission. 25 years ago, when Jats and Vishnoi got OBC reservation, reservation was given to Sindhi Muslims including Kayamkhani and backward castes. Reservation has not been given to all Muslims. Only those who were eligible to come under OBC category and should have got it, have got it.

On the question of social security pension arrears, Gehlot said – The Chief Minister is currently busy in the Lok Sabha election campaign, so no one would be giving him feedback. It has been four months since the pension was given. It is a big deal for widows, poor and elderly to have 4 months of pension arrears. I had also reminded by tweeting that the CM should take a decision immediately.

Gehlot had also called the pilot 'worthless'

At one time Gehlot had used all these things for Sachin Pilot. In the politics of Rajasthan, there is often a tussle between Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot. Gehlot continues to attack Payal. Two years ago, Gehlot had said many things to Pilot regarding the political crisis. Many such words were also used which should not have been used.

When the pilot was asked about this, he said that I cannot use such language. Such language is not appropriate. We should be very careful about what we say and what we say. I don't want to go into what happened in the past. However, later a friendship developed between Gehlot and Pilot. But even today the relations between the two leaders are not that good. However, at this time both the leaders have stopped making statements against each other.