Barmer / Just 8 kilometers before the bride's house, the processions collided with the Bolero truck, 8 died, there was uproar

Zoom News : Jun 07, 2022, 09:48 AM
Barmer. Havoc of high speed has once again been seen in Barmer district, located on the border of India-Pakistan. Here on Monday midnight, there was a fierce collision between the speeding truck and the Bolero carrying the procession. In the accident, 8 processions of Bolero riders have died a painful death. As soon as the news of the accident was received, there was chaos in the marriage house. The bodies of 6 of those killed in the accident have been kept in the mortuary of Gudamalani Community Health Center while 2 bodies are kept in the mortuary of Sanchore Hospital. The bodies will be handed over to their relatives after post-mortem today.

According to the police, on Monday night, a procession from Jalore was coming to Kadhi ki Dhani of Gudamalani police station area. There were a total of 9 people in the Bolero. Meanwhile, at around 1 o'clock in the night, Bolero had a fierce collision with a truck on the mega highway. Due to this, 6 of the wedding processions in Bolero died on the spot. On information, the Gudamalani police station reached the spot and took the injured and the dead to the local hospital. There 2 more wedding processions died during treatment. While a woman is still fighting a battle with the death. The Bolero was badly damaged in the accident and the truck also overturned on the side of the road.

The accident happened near the bride's house

After this horrific collision with the truck, the Bolero got blown up. The people involved in the procession were only 8 km away from Kadhi ki Dhani that the accident happened. All the deceased were residents of Sedia in Sanchore area of ​​Jalore. They are all from the same family. After the news of the accident, the happiness of marriage turned into mourning in the house of both the bride and the groom. Eight wedding processions were killed in the accident.

Poonamaram, Prakash, Manish, Prince, Bhagirathram, Mangilal, Prakash and one other have died in the accident. Police have confiscated both the crashed vehicles. It is not yet known what was the cause of the accident. After the information of the accident, the family members of the processions have reached Gudamalani. After the accident, mourning spread in the village. It is noteworthy that many major accidents have taken place in Rajasthan in the past. Dozens of people have lost their lives in this.