Telangana Elections / KCR whose friend? PM Modi-Owaisi counterattack on Rahul's political attack in Telangana

Zoom News : Nov 26, 2023, 10:14 PM
Telangana Elections: Political attacks and counterattacks have intensified in Telangana. Before the voting on 30th November, all the parties are showing their strength, while the round of commentary and commentary is also going on. Sometimes someone is calling someone someone's friend and someone is someone's love. In this political war, KCR is the most talked about friend and love. While Rahul Gandhi is calling him PM Modi's friend, Owaisi is reminding Rahul Gandhi of his two loves.

A statement by Rahul Gandhi remained the center of Telangana politics on Sunday. In this statement he has said that PM Modi's two friends - Owaisi and KCR, after this statement the process of counter-attacking each other started in Telangana politics. First of all, PM Modi said that 'Congress means KCR', while Asaduddin Owaisi said on Rahul's statement that Rahul Gandhi's two loves are Italy and Modi. It is believed that on Monday also the politics of Telangana may heat up regarding KCR.

PM Modi said- Congress-KCR are one

PM Modi, who came to address the election rally in Medak, Telangana, targeted BRS and Congress. PM Modi said that Congress and KCR are one and the same. The hallmarks of both Congress and BRS are corruption, appeasement and nepotism. PM Modi said that both these parties are carbon copies of each other. PM Modi also gave the slogan – 'Congress KCR is equal, be careful of both'

Owaisi retaliated like this

AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi hit back at Rahul Gandhi's statement. In response to the attack by Rahul Gandhi, Owaisi said that Rahul Gandhi has two loves. One Italy and PM Modi. Owaisi took a jibe at Rahul Gandhi and said that the biggest strength of PM Modi is Rahul Gandhi.

What did Rahul Gandhi say?

Rahul Gandhi, who reached Telangana for election campaign, targeted PM Modi, KCR and Owaisi in a meeting in Adilabad. Rahul Gandhi said – 'PM Modi has two friends, Owaisi and KCR'. Rahul Gandhi even alleged that KCR helps PM Modi in Delhi.

Why is KCR the target?

There are elections in Telangana on 30th November, in such a situation all the parties are targeting each other. Especially KCR is the target of all the parties, till now both BJP and Congress parties are accusing KCR of corruption. In particular, BJP targeted KCR on corruption issues while Congress has even talked about sending KCR to jail if the government is formed. In fact, since the formation of Telangana till now, there is KCR government in the state. KCR is also constantly being accused of corruption, he is on target regarding Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project, Miyapur Land Case and Mission Kakatiya and Mission Bhagiratha etc.