Amit Shah News / We fight elections for the country and Mother India – Amit Shah roared in Telangana

Vikrant Shekhawat : Dec 28, 2023, 10:15 PM
Amit Shah News: Union Home Minister Amit Shah reached Telangana today. He gave his address at the Mandal President's conference here. During this, he said that he will keep coming to Telangana until the BJP government is formed in Telangana. We are workers of that party who contest elections not for the party's victory or defeat but for the country, for Mother India. He said, 'Before BJP came to power in Gujarat, there were 9% votes. In Telangana, BJP has got 14% votes. I am confident that in the coming elections we will form the government with two-thirds majority. In the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, BJP will win 10 seats in Telangana with 35% votes.

Amit Shah roared in Telangana

The Union Minister said that in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, the public has to decide whether Narendra Modi ji or Rahul Baba will become the Prime Minister of the country? The public has decided that once again Narendra Modi will become the Prime Minister of the country with more than 300 seats. People have removed KCR from power on three issues – nepotism, appeasement and corruption. There is 4 generation familyism in Congress. He is ten times ahead of KCR in corruption and no one can compete with Congress in appeasement. Only BJP can give government to the state against nepotism, appeasement and corruption. BJP has worked to respect the backward class in the entire country.

Shah said – there will be change in Telangana politics

Amit Shah said, Modi government will work to celebrate Hyderabad Liberation War as an official festival. Congress is a sinking ship and BRS is a sunken ship, the future of Telangana lies only with BJP. There is a belief in the entire country that BJP government means the end of familyism and dynasty. BJP means end of appeasement and BJP means governance of corruption free development. There will be a big change in the politics of Telangana when 10 lotuses will bloom and go to Delhi in the upcoming Lok Sabha due to the hard work of the workers. Telangana BJP is increasing its votes election after election. I am confident that BJP will achieve the target of 35% votes in the coming elections.