Lok Sabha Elections / No own car, loan of more than Rs 15 lakh... Know how much property Amit Shah has

Zoom News : Apr 20, 2024, 10:50 AM
Lok Sabha Elections: Union Home Minister Amit Shah filed nomination papers after a road show in Gandhi Nagar on Friday. Gandhi Nagar Lok Sabha seat has been a traditional seat of BJP. BJP has been continuously registering victory on this seat. Voting will be held here in the third phase on May 7. On this occasion, he said that the general elections mean handing over the reins of power to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the third time so that he can make India a developed country by 2047.

Amit Shah does not have his own car

Amit Shah's affidavit has been in the news since he filed his nomination. According to this affidavit, Amit Shah does not have his own car. However, he has movable assets worth Rs 20 crores and immovable assets worth Rs 16 crores. He also does farming as a profession. He has a total loan of ₹15.77 lakh. His source of income is house-land rental income and salary as MP. They also earn income from share dividends.

Details of affidavit

Amit Shah

  • Total assets 36.65 crores
  • Movable assets-20.33 crores
  • Value of immovable property -16.31 crores
  • Loan- Rs 15.77 lakh
  • Cash is Rs 24,164
  • Income in 2022-23 – Rs 75.09 lakh
  • Occupation- Farming and Social Worker
  • Source of income – MP salary, rent from house and land, farming income and share dividend income.
Amit Shah's wife

  • Total assets-29.01 crores
  • Movable assets-22.46 crores
  • Immovable property -6.55 crores
  • Cash-Rs 35,402
  • Liabilities-Rs 26.32 lakh
  • Income in 2022-23 – Rs 39.59 lakh
Nomination filed at 12:39 pm

Amit Shah filed his nomination papers at exactly 12:39 pm on Friday afternoon. This time is considered as ‘Vijay Muhurta’. Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel was also present with him.

Will create a strong foundation for ‘developed India’

He said that Modi has pledged to make India a developed and top country in all fields by 2047. If we want to achieve this, the next five years are crucial because the last 10 years were spent in filling the holes made by the previous UPA government.'' He said that the next five years should be used in laying a strong foundation for a 'developed India'. Will be done.