Mohali Blast / Khalistani Movement moving forward from Afghan technology and Pakistan's mind

Zoom News : May 10, 2022, 07:02 PM
A rocket propelled grenade (RPG) was blasted at the Intelligence Department headquarters in Punjab. If the attackers wanted, they could have easily targeted any VVIP. Attacking a moving car with a rocket launcher or hitting another target with a moving car, both these techniques have been used in Afghanistan. This technology and the brain of Pakistan's intelligence agency, together they are taking forward the Khalistani movement in 'Punjab'. Seizure of RDX in Punjab's Tarn Taran, hoisting of Khalistan flag outside DC office in Malerkotla, Khalistan poster at the main gate of Himachal Pradesh Assembly and arrest of explosive material in neighboring Haryana's Karnal, all these incidents are not mere coincidences. , but are part of a series of episodes of a larger conspiracy.

The atmosphere is not good in Punjab at this time. If on such an occasion even a slight lapse i.e. a soft attitude towards terrorists is adopted, then the era of 'Militancy', which had ended Punjab's soil with blood for decades, will not delay in returning again. This mistake regarding Khalistan can spoil the sacrifice of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and former Chief Minister Sardar Beant Singh.

The border state with Pakistan is really in danger

The former DGP of Punjab Police, who urged not to reveal his identity, said the border state bordering Pakistan is really in danger at the moment. Now is the time to show political will here. Khalistani Movement will not take long to move forward if such acts like the Bagga case continue. Till now the cases of blasts that have come up in Punjab were timer or remote ones. Now firing a rocket launcher from a moving vehicle means the danger is bigger. Prime Minister, Chief Minister, Union Minister, DGP or other VVIPs will not be considered safe in Punjab. Hiding anywhere, there can be an attack on the convoy of vehicles. If this is not possible, the rocket can be fired from the moving vehicle. The attack on the headquarters of Mohali's intelligence department, it simply means that terrorists are still present in Punjab and the complete equipment of the attack is also available. The banned organizations 'Sikhs for Justice', ex 'Student Islamic Movement of India' (SIMI), International Sikh Youth Federation 'ISYF', Wadhwa Singh Babbar (BKI), KCF/P, who have been trying to gain a foothold in Punjab for the past several years K Paramjit Singh Panjawar and KZF's Ranjit Singh Neeta are being fully supported by Pakistani ISI. be ready to face the new era of militancy

Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG), which has a range of eight hundred meters, targeting the Intelligence Headquarters, this can give an idea of ​​the strong position of the terrorists. By increasing the firepower of RPG, helicopters and aircraft can be shot down through it. Not only former DGP of Punjab Shashikant Singh, but also former DGP of Jammu and Kashmir Police SP Vaid says that RPG in the hands of terrorists is not a good sign. Attack through RPG from a moving car was never seen before in Punjab. Former DGP SP Vaid said, 'ISI' in Punjab has been raising money by making Khalistan a pawn for a long time. ISI has kept Khalistan as its wing abroad. Under the current circumstances, Pakistani 'ISI' is not leaving any chance to further Khalistani activities. Punjab should be ready to face a new era of militancy if its hood is not crushed now.

Right now Khalistan is not getting the support of the people

Former DGP SP Vaid said that Khalistan is not getting the support of the people in Punjab. However, for this ISI has raised many Sikh organizations. Khalistani movement is being created. At the behest of ISI, people associated with Khalistan reach the embassies of different countries to demonstrate. The AAP government of Punjab will have to act strictly. There are reports in the media that the Punjab government is reportedly soft on the Khalistani movement. In such a situation, Khalistani will try to establish a foothold. The Central Government was also in a very confused position regarding the Kartarpur Corridor. The ISI had also tried to make youth a part of the radicalize 'radical reformist' campaign through this corridor. India acted very wisely in this matter.

This trick of Pakistan was not allowed to succeed. Second, the Khalistanis did not get the support of the common people. As a result, the ISI gathered Khalistan supporters living in Pakistan and other countries. Through them, the big criminals in Punjab were prepared for their plans. Now the same people have started attacking. A large section of youth, who are facing the problem of drug and unemployment in Punjab, can become a soft target of Khalistani campaign. Punjab Police has to be careful. Police officers should act strictly in such cases. In such a situation, if there is even a slight relaxation, then there will be a big problem in the future.

Action needed at the international level

Action is needed on organizations like 'Sikhs for Justice'. Since the activities of this organization are conducted from abroad and there is no easy access for Indian investigative agencies. For this, action will have to be taken at the Ministry of External Affairs level. World public opinion has to be told what Pakistani ISI is doing in Punjab? This matter will have to be countered at the diplomatic level. The Union Home Ministry has included Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, the founder of the banned Sikh for Justice, in the list of terrorists. A case has been registered against Pannu by the NIA. Sikhs for Justice 'SFJ' has sent messages of sabotage on other occasions besides the farmers' agitation. He has written in his 'Alert Republic Day' message that there is a war of Sikh vs Modi. SFJ will not allow PM Modi to hoist the tricolor on January 26. Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann said, those who spoil the atmosphere of Punjab will not be spared. On Tuesday, he has called for a report from the DGP and other intelligence officers. Mann said that those accused of this attack will be given strict punishment. DGP VK Bhavra said that we have clues in this matter. Punjab Police will reach out to the attackers soon.