Wrestlers Protest / Khap wrestlers will take a big decision tomorrow, representatives will meet the President

Zoom News : Jun 01, 2023, 05:32 PM
Wrestlers Protest: A mahapanchayat was held in Muzaffarnagar on Thursday in support of the wrestlers. Bharatiya Kisan Union leader Rakesh Tikait and many Khap leaders participated in this. During this, Rakesh Tikait said that the decision in favor of the players has been reserved in the Mahapanchayat. Tomorrow i.e. on Friday the verdict will be pronounced in Kurukshetra. He said that the Khap representative would meet the President and the Home Minister.

Tikait said that this Khap meeting is being held in the historical village Souram. This issue is going on for the last 40-45 days. The constitution of this country has given the right to protest peacefully. This is our fundamental right. He said that he was picked up while agitating peacefully. They kept accusing him of lying for 40 days.

Khap representative will meet the President

Rakesh Tikait further said that in POCSO there used to be arrest first and then investigation but the law is different for them. Khap representatives will meet the President and the verdict will be announced in Kurukshetra. He said that an attempt was made to divide castes here. There is no caste of warriors. This is the trick of the government. People are being divided in the name of caste, community and religion. He said that the one who fights for the country has only tricolor caste. In foreign countries, only the tricolor of the country is recognized.

Should we support the tyrant or the children?

Farmer leader Tikait said that tomorrow the verdict will be given in the panchayat of Kurukshetra. A Khap committee will be formed. This committee will meet the President and the Home Minister. He also said that it may also happen that where he is holding a meeting on the 5th, we should take the players there and ask them to decide whether to support this tyrant or the children.

  • These proposals were kept in Muzaffarnagar Mahapanchayat of Khaps
  • There will be a nationwide movement on the issue of wrestlers
  • Delhi's border will be closed again
  • Instead of shedding the medal in the Ganges, there should be an auction
  • Auction should be conducted through International Wrestling Federation
  • Tomorrow there will be a mahapanchayat of Khaps in Kurukshetra
  • Will be informed about the decision regarding the performance
If justice is not given, then this battle will be fought in the whole country.

Rakesh Tikait further said that those children are frustrated with the behavior of the police, if justice is not given then they will fight this battle in the whole country. Yesterday I went to Ayodhya where all the saints and mahatmas are with the players. He warned the government that the meeting is being held on the 5th. We will also hold meetings. Our tractors are not for rent. If we do not get justice, we will also go to the International Federation. The farmer leader said that the battle will be fought. He is a sportsman, not an agitator. The society will do the movement. This is an insult to the tricolor of the country. Will go to the country with this message.