Rajasthan Election / Know if Congress gets power in Rajasthan then who will be the CM? Gehlot or Pilot

Zoom News : Dec 01, 2023, 08:08 AM
Rajasthan Election: Exit polls for Rajasthan Assembly elections have arrived. In the survey, someone has said that Congress has the upper hand while someone seems to be giving victory to BJP. It is clear from this that there is a close contest in the state only between BJP and Congress. The decision on who is going to form the government will be taken on December 3, but seeing Congress getting the lead in the exit polls, questions are being raised that if Congress changes the customs in Rajasthan, then who will be crowned CM?

Everyone is aware of the ongoing tussle between CM Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot over the CM's chair in Rajasthan. The high command itself is in trouble. In fact, Gehlot does not want to leave the post of CM in Rajasthan under any circumstances. On the other hand, supporters of Sachin Pilot want to see him as CM. In such a situation, it is believed that if the election results on December 3 are in favor of Congress, then the Congress high command will again have to resolve the ongoing feud between Gehlot and Pilot. It is also possible that the high command may give a chance to a third leader amid the fight between these two leaders. However, there seems to be little scope for this. The different statements given by both the leaders at the time of elections are also proof of this.

Difficulties for high command will increase

If Congress gets majority in Rajasthan, then the high command may have to face a lot of difficulty in deciding the CM. Actually, both Gehlot and Pilot are strong leaders of the state and both want the post of CM. The difficulty of the high command is that it can neither sideline Gehlot nor stop the pilot by consoling him. Both the leaders are counted close to the Gandhi family. Gehlot is counted among the confidants of Sonia Gandhi, while Pilot is among the close friends of Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi. That is probably why the high command did not take any decision regarding CM failure before the elections. Senior Rajasthan Congress leader Pratap Singh Khachariyawas recently gave a statement and further increased the doubt over the post of CM. In this, Khachariyawas had said that first let the government be formed. The high command will decide who will be the CM.

Gehlot said- the chair does not leave me

If we talk about the contenders for the post of CM from the Congress side, the first name in it is that of Ashok Gehlot. He himself has indicated this. On the last day of election campaign in Telangana, when Ashok Gehlot was asked that if Congress government is formed in Rajasthan, then who will be the CM? On this, Ashok Gehlot had said in clear words that 'CM's chair has not left me and will not leave me in future also'. Actually Ashok Gehlot has been CM of Rajasthan thrice. He has held the post of CM from 1998 to 2003, 2008 to 2013 and 2018 to 2023. Apart from this, he has also held many important positions in the organization. He knows when to play the master stroke of politics, that is why Gehlot is also considered the magician of politics.

Pilots trust the high command

Gehlot's biggest rival is considered to be Sachin Pilot. Pilot is considered the biggest leader of Gurjars in Rajasthan. His biggest plus point is that he is one of the very close leaders of Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi. However, the biggest obstacle in his path is Gehlot himself. Pilot is confident that perhaps this time the high command will give him a chance to take over the chair of Rajasthan. He himself had expressed this hope on the day of voting in Rajasthan. In an interview, Pilot had said that the high command will decide the CM face after the elections. He had also said that no matter whose face is on the poster, everyone has fought the elections together.

These can also be contenders

Amidst the fight between Gehlot and Pilot, a third person can also be made the king of Rajasthan. In fact, the high command can take this decision to save the Congress from disintegration. If this happens then either Raghu Sharma, Govind Singh Dotasara or CP Joshi can be given a chance. Among them, Raghu Sharma is at the forefront, who is the Brahmin face of the party. He was playing the role of Medical Minister in the Gehlot government, but he resigned after being made in-charge in Gujarat elections. Apart from this, the name of Govind Singh Dotasara is also included in this list. He is currently in-charge of Rajasthan Congress and is counted close to the high command. The third name in this list is that of CP Joshi. Who has been the Speaker of Rajasthan Assembly. He is also counted among the veteran leaders of Congress.