Election Commission of India / Know what is the name of the new voting machine - in which you can vote anywhere?

Zoom News : Oct 16, 2023, 11:58 AM
Election Commission of India: Election Commission of India (ECI) has found a solution to ensure the voting of migrants. Now Mohan living in Delhi will not have to go to Bihar and Kushal Das to Odisha to vote. The resolution process is passing through its final stages. The machine made for this has also been tested. The Commission hopes that with the implementation of this system the vote percentage will increase. The Commission can implement it with just minor changes in the law.

What will the new voting machine be like? Can elections be conducted easily through this or not? What will be the challenges before the Election Commission of India after its arrival? For the preparation of General Knowledge and Current Affairs, you can see the answers to all these questions below.

Which will be the new voting machine?

The Election Commission of India has prepared Remote Electronic Voting Machine (R-EVM) for this. It is similar to the existing Electronic Voting Machine (EVM). Only some necessary changes have been made in it. This machine will be helpful in voting to such voters who are not able to go to their village, town or city to cast their vote on election occasions.

To use it, the voter will have to get online or off-line registration as per the pre-determined process. Meaning, it will not happen that your name is in the voter list of Deoria district of Uttar Pradesh and you will be able to vote even if you live in Mumbai. For that you will have to register within the stipulated period. It is not yet decided when the process will be implemented in the country, but the commission is ready. He wants maximum participation of people in the elections.

For this, the Commission will have to make changes in the Representation of the People Act 1950 and 1951, the Conduct of Election Rules 1961 and the Registration of Electors Rules, 1960. In this change, migrant voter will be defined separately. In this, only those people will be eligible who want to vote while living in some other part of the country only to elect the representative of their native area. There is no such system right now.

When this system is implemented, separate polling centers will be built for such voters. These will be called remote polling stations. There will be facility to cast votes for maximum 72 constituencies simultaneously at these polling centres. When such voters reach these centers in front of the presiding officer, they will have to scan their water card. As soon as this is done, the list of candidates and election symbols of his constituency will be displayed on the machine. With this, voters will be able to exercise their rights.

Who will benefit?

According to the data available with the Commission, a large number of migrants have been living in many big cities like Delhi and Mumbai for a long time, but their voter card is from their village or town only. Some of these people go at the time of elections, but due to work commitments, there are a large number of people who are unable to go. This machine was tested in the slums of Delhi last month. More than one thousand migrant voters took part in it.

This test was found successful. The machine worked properly without any technical glitches. Remote electronic voting machines are being used in many countries of the world. Some other countries including France, Panama, Armenia, Estonia are also using it.