Religion / Know which day the mother has to offer which bhog in Navratri

Zoom News : Oct 06, 2021, 10:20 AM
Offer these 9 offerings to the mother: Ghee on the first day, sugar on the second day, kheer on the third day, malpua on the fourth day, banana on the fifth day, honey on the sixth day, jaggery on the seventh day, coconut on the eighth day and sesame on the ninth day. Along with this, you should offer these indulgences prominently every day. However, in every province, there is a tradition of offering local dishes there.

1. Kheer: Kheer is prepared in many ways. In the kheer, add raisins, finely chopped almonds, very few coconut shavings, cashews, pistachios, charoli, some ground makhana, one cardamom for aroma, some saffron and finally basil. Make it in the best way and then distribute it to Vishnuji after offering it. Kheer is enjoyed by many gods. Especially Lord Vishnu and Durga Mata like it. Rice and vermicelli kheer are very much liked.

2. Malpue: Aup is the name of a medicine, but Malpua is also called 'Aup'. 'Aup' is the oldest sweet of India, which is also mentioned in the Rigveda. In the Rigveda, there is a description of Ghritwant Apupas. In the time of Panini, Pooranbhare Aupaps were made on wedding-processions, Teej-festivals. It is still prevalent today. As far as the question of halwa is concerned, earlier it was called 'Sayava'. Malpuas are often made on the day of Holi and Deepawali. Maa Durga likes Malpua very much.

3. Sweet pudding: Halwa has great importance in Indian society. Such as semolina pudding, flour pudding, carrot pudding, moong pudding, pumpkin pudding, Loki ka pudding etc. From this, semolina pudding is offered. Mix almost all types of dry fruits in semolina pudding and make it in the best way and offer it to God. Mata Durga and Hanumanji are very fond of pudding.

4. Puran Poli: Puran Poli is made by mixing jaggery and gram dal. Just as parathas are made by stuffing potatoes in potato parathas, similarly parathas are made by filling a mixture of jaggery and chala. Ghee is used instead of oil. Cardamom and nutmeg are also added to make it tasty. It is made on the occasion of Teej-festival and Navratri. Offering it to Maa Durga every day fulfills all the wishes.

5. Sweet boondi: Sweet boondi is prepared by using gram flour, kashkar, cardamom and ghee. There is also another namkeen, cherki and faint boondi which is added to the raita. Sweet boondi is offered to Goddess Durga.

6. Ghevar: Ghevar is also one of the fifty-six bhog. It is made from flour or maida which looks round like a beehive and is a crisp and sweet dish. No Teej or festival is made without it. It is believed that Mata Durga likes this very much. Ghevar is the main traditional sweet of Rajasthan and Braj regions.

7. Fruits: Among the fruits pomegranate, banana and coconut are offered to the mother.

8. Sweets: Yellow Peda and Gulab Jamun are offered to the mother in sweets.

9. Other food items: Offer ghee, honey, sesame, black gram and jaggery among other things. Apart from this, you can also offer curry, saffron rice, greens, puri, bhajiya, pumpkin or potato curry for the mother.