Religion / Know 10 rules of fasting in Navratri or else you will repent

Zoom News : Oct 06, 2021, 09:58 AM
Fasting is penance. This is also fasting. Although there is a slight difference between the two. Mental disorders are removed in fasting and physical in fasting. It is necessary to observe both mental and physical restraint in Navratri, otherwise it is good if you do not keep fast or fast during Navratri. Come know its 10 rules.

There are many types of fasting. 1. Morning fasting, 2.Adopavas, 3.Eco-harvesting, 4.Rasopavas, 5.Falopavasas, 6.Milkdopavas, 7.Takropavas, 8.Purnopvass, 9.Weekly fasting, 10.Short fasting, 11.Strict fasting, 12 .broken fast, 13.long fast, 14.fortnightly fast 15.quarterly fast 16.six monthly fast and 17.annual fast.

One should never worship Mataji after having food, drinking milk or juice. Worship of the mother is not done with a false face. There is importance of fasting and fasting in Navratri. By fasting, the internal organs and organs are completely cleaned. All kinds of sadhanas and wishes done during these nine days are fulfilled by staying in fasting.

1. Sleeping with women is considered taboo during these nine days.

2. Do not get angry in any way during these nine days.

3. Stop seeing, hearing and saying bad in these nine days.

4. Take care of purity in these nine days.

5. Do not insult any woman or girl in any way during these nine days.

6. Rasopavas, Phalopavas, Dugdhopavas, short fasts, Adhopavas and Pooropavas are done during Navratri. Whoever has the capacity, so does fasting.

7. Adhopvas- In these nine days, Adhopvas means one meal is taken in which simple food is taken without garlic and onion. That too before sunset. Rest of the time only water is consumed.

8. Purnopavas- Not eating anything other than clean, fresh water at all is called Pooropavas. In this fast, many rules related to fasting have to be followed. The nine days who observe this difficult fast do not go out anywhere.

9. Many people eat one meal and one time sago khichdi in the under-adopvas. Some people eat full sago khichdi or Rajgira flour roti and bhindi curry at both the times. Doing so does not come under fasting and fasting in any way. Fasting means to be hungry at one time or both. But people have taken out ways according to their convenience which is unfair.

10. Even if you are not fasting during these nine days, you should not drink alcohol, meat-eating and spicy food.