India / Lalu Prasad Yadav Kidney Will Be Transplanted In Singapore Know What Are Its Rules In India

Zoom News : Dec 03, 2022, 07:22 PM
New Delhi : Rashtriya Janata Dal President Lalu Prasad, who has been ill for a long time, has to undergo kidney transplant and this operation will not be done in India but in Singapore and his younger daughter will donate kidney to Lalu Prasad Yadav. In such a situation, it is important to know what are the rules regarding kidney transplant in India and how much it costs.

What is kidney transplant?

What is kidney transplant? And when is it needed. Actually, when both kidneys stop working in a person's body, then a new kidney is transplanted in place of the old kidney in his body. Which is called kidney transplant.

According to Dr. Himanshu Verma, Pro and Head of Nephrology and Kidney Transplant Department of Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi, kidney transplant can be done for any living or brain dead person. A person whose brain is dead, is in ICU, and the rest of his body parts are working, then his kidney can be transplanted to another patient.

But this entire process is done only after the approval of the relatives of the brain dead person or the person who has been brain dead has expressed his wish before that. In that case his organs are donated to a needy patient.

Who is a brain dead person?

Dr. Himanshu explains that in medical language a brain dead person is called such a patient whose brain has stopped working medically, there is blood in his body and blood is reaching the rest of the organs except the brain, that is, his body. Rest of the organs are working like kidney, heart. Adi such a person's kidney or heart can be transplanted. But the kidney of a dead person cannot be transplanted.

Can a person survive with one kidney?

In response to this, Prof. Dr. Himanshu of Safdarjung Hospital's Kidney Transplant Department says that sometimes some people have only one kidney from birth in their body. He leads a very healthy life. Having one kidney does not have any bad effect on his body. God has given us two kidneys, whose work is very important in our body. Kidney is such an organ of the body whose main function is to remove waste from the body. It is the kidney that separates the waste from our blood and takes it out through urine.

But when a person's kidney gets damaged, then this process does not happen in his body, after which a kidney transplant is needed. In which the new kidney is implanted or transplanted by removing the bad kidney from the body. But a person can lead a healthy life even with one kidney. One kidney will also work in his body in the same way that two kidneys do.

That's why a new kidney is transplanted in the person whose both kidneys are damaged. Kidney transplant is not done after failure of one kidney because after failure of one kidney, the other kidney does its work. That's why the person who gives kidney also does not have any problem physically, only some medical tests have to be done. One has to take care of his blood pressure, so that it can be known whether protein is not coming in his urine. For this, he has to get tested every 6 months to 1 year.

What is the law for kidney transplant in the country?

There is an act in the country to transplant any organ in any patient. Transplantation of organs can be done by following this, which has been named Human Organs and Transplantation Act 1994 (HUDA). Transplantation of organs is done in all the hospitals under HUDA 1994. Every citizen of the country has to follow it and if any person or hospital does not follow this act then legal action can be taken against him.