Landslide In China / Landslide in China's Sichuan province, 14 lives buried; five missing

Zoom News : Jun 04, 2023, 06:26 PM
Landslide In China: A major incident of landslide has been observed in the Sichuan province located in the south-west of China. 14 people have died in the accident and five people are said to be missing. Regarding the incident, the local government there has told that a part of the mountain fell heavily on Saturday morning at 6 am at the forestry station in Jinkouhe near Leshan city. According to the statement, bodies of 14 people have been recovered till 3 pm on Saturday while five people are missing. As soon as the news of the accident was received, a team of 180 people has been sent to the spot for relief and rescue work. Along with this, more than a dozen rescue equipments have also been sent to the spot. The area in which this landslide incident happened is already considered very unsafe.

The place where the accident happened is a mountainous area about 240 kilometers south of the provincial capital Chengdu. In the last few years, many incidents of landslides have come to the fore in the mountainous parts of China. The incidents increase especially in the rainy month. Even after the torrential rains in 2019, the incident of landslides was seen in this area.

Strong earthquakes have been coming in the province

This province also comes in the earthquake zone, in such a situation there have been many fatal earthquakes here. In 2008, an earthquake of 7.9 magnitude occurred in this province, when more than 87 thousand people were either killed or went missing. These included 5,335 school students. Although, continuous steps are being taken by China for the safety of the people living in this area, but the incidents are not taking the name of stopping.

The gold mine was struck

In December last year, a gold mine was filled to the brim in the Xinjiang region of China's northwest. At the time of the accident, 40 laborers were working in it. After this, 50 people were declared missing or dead due to a mine collapse in February in the Mongolia region.