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Zoom News : Oct 08, 2021, 08:29 PM
Strange Tribe Rules: There are many such tribes around the world in which strange traditions are played. Every tribe has different rules. There are also some surprising rituals in it. The people of the Luo tribe live in the country of Kenya in the African continent. They are also called onagi. The customs and culture of the Luo tribe are quite peculiar. There are many rules regarding making a relationship here.

women sleep with the dead

This is a very strange practice in the Luo tribe. In this, widowed women have to sleep with the dead body of their husband. Then if she sees her husband making love in her dream, then it is believed that the deceased has freed his wife from the bond of marriage. Only after this the woman can marry again.

Relatives do not mourn for committing suicide

Suicide is considered a great sin in the Luo tribe. If a member of the Luo tribe commits suicide, his body is humiliated. Whips are thrown on the dead body of the deceased. His body is also buried in a separate crematorium. The family does not even mourn the death.

There is such a strict rule for marriage

There is such a rule in the Luo tribe that the younger brother or sister cannot marry before the marriage of the elder brother or sister. Because of this very few people are able to choose their life partner by choice because there is pressure on them to get married early.

time to build a relationship

In the Luo tribe, it is considered very auspicious to have a relationship at the time of sowing and harvesting crops. In this season it is necessary for the husband to have a relationship with his wife. It is believed that not following this rule angers the deities.

Women cannot kill husband with a cylinder

The women of the Luo tribe can never kill their husbands with a ball. There is a ban on doing this. If anyone does this, he gets punished.