India / Make wearing mask a habit just as we are used to wearing shoes while going out: PM

Zoom News : Oct 22, 2021, 12:31 PM
New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said 100 crore vaccines against the coronavirus disease is not just a statistic, but a symbol of new India. Hitting out at his detractors, the PM said that while many spoke about ‘taali, thaali’ (initial campaigns in the fight against the virus), the latest accomplishment showed the country was united in the battle. 

Addressing the nation a day after the cumulative vaccine doses against coronavirus crossed the landmark figure of 100 crore, Modi said our country has succeeded in its Covid campaign and 130 crore citizens are behind it. “It’s their success. I congratulate all,” he said.

“While we are being lauded by countries across the world, most will miss where we started- where we were dependent on others,” he said.

The PM said at the time, a lots of questions were raised - would we be able to afford, would we be able to vaccinate quickly to beat pandemic? “This moment today has answered all these doubts,” he added.

“As a pharma hub, our status has been reinforced. Today is a live example of 'sabka saath, sabka vikas, sabka vishwaas… sabka prayas”.

Modi further said India started free campaign of vaccines to drive home the point that ‘no VIP culture’ exists in the country.

Speaking about vaccine hesitancy, he said this was a problem in many developed countries, but the administering of 100 crore doses reveal this was not an issue in India.

Slamming his detractors over the initial campaigns of beating utensils to motivate frontline workers, Modi said, “People questioned ‘taali, thaali’ but it was a move to show that the country was united, it stood together and even administered one crore vaccines in one day.”

He said India’s vaccine programme is science-driven and scientific approach followed all along.

“Optimism, optimism, optimism-- we see that all around us. Indian companies are not just getting new investment but job opportunities for the young opening up”

“There was a time when ‘made in this and that country’ was the rage. Now all citizens are feeling the power of ‘made in India’.”

“I urge all citizens to make ‘made in india’ and ‘vocal for local’ as much of a movement as ‘swachch abhiyaan’. This Diwali unlike the last one, we have a sense of belief and confidence.”

“However strong the ‘kawach’ (shield) is, the war is not over. Just like we are used to wearing shoes, please make wearing masks a habit,” the PM added.