Lok Sabha Elections / Mamata Banerjee is insulting saints to get votes from fundamentalists- PM Modi

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 19, 2024, 06:20 PM
Lok Sabha Elections: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the election rally in Bishnupur on Sunday, attacked Mamata Banerjee fiercely. PM Modi said that TMC has gone astray after seeing the cleanliness in Bengal. He has started abusing the Sanatan Samaj which serves humanity. The Chief Minister here, under the pressure of Muslim fundamentalists, is publicly abusing our saints and our great organizations to get votes. She is defaming me. The statement that Hindus will be drowned in Bhagirathi was given by TMC after careful consideration. Under the pressure of vote bank, TMC is continuously insulting the saints.

PM Modi said that TMC is insulting the tradition of Bengal. These people appeal for vote jihad against Modi. These people repeatedly abuse the Ram temple with the foulest and foulest abuses. Will you tolerate such a party? Will Bengal respond to TMC's appeasement policy with votes?

TMC is only concerned with its vote bank.

PM Modi said that TMC is only concerned about its vote bank. A large number of refugees are living here. He is happy that 300 families have got citizenship under CAA. Refugees from Bengal will also start getting citizenship soon. That's why people trust Modi's guarantees.

PM Modi said that today there is a flaw in the intentions of the Bengal government. Modi sends free rice from Delhi, so that the poor do not have to make their children sleep hungry. But TMC also committed scam in ration. Modi has planned to build a pucca house. But they stole the plan of Modi government.

TMC-Left-Congress are all one

PM Modi said that the model of TMC, Congress and Left is not of development. TMC's sand mafia is running unabated. PM Modi said that Modi will sell everything including cars and bungalows of the corrupt TMC. Modi is taking legal advice on how to get back your looted money.

PM Modi said that Modi is just a medium. Is meant. Modi has come out for you, taking your dream as his own and taking it as his resolve. Your dreams are Modi's resolve. Modi has nothing to do for himself. Neither do I have to do anything for any of my nephews nor do I have to leave anything for any of my brothers. I have to work for the mothers, sons and daughters living in the forests of Bankura.

PM Modi said whether it is TMC, Left or Congress. All these parties look different, but they all have the same sins. Together these people have formed Indie Alliance. These people have only given slogans to women and tribals. These are the states in which the government was run. Left him poor. Once people from other states used to come to Bengal for employment, but now people have been forced to migrate from here for work.

All the forts of TMC's terror will be destroyed due to BJP's storm.

After Bishnupur, PM Modi, while addressing the election rally in Medinipur, said that all the forts of terror of TMC will be destroyed in the storm of BJP. Another attack is needed on 25th May. It will not take long for the fort of terror and corruption to fall. TMC has completely lost the battle for democracy. They want to win the elections by relying on goons. The result of June 4 is certain, once again Modi government.

He said that he is working day and night to save the culprit of Sandeshkhali. These people will not allow Ram Navami to be celebrated and will wage vote jihad against Modi. This is their truth. They call people from other states as outsiders and illegal infiltrators as their own. Infiltrators are occupying the land of Hindus, Dalits and backward people.