Special / Man died while reading newspaper, watch video

Zoom News : Nov 07, 2022, 03:30 PM
Special | A man fell on the ground while reading a newspaper and died on Saturday morning in the bordering Barmer district of Rajasthan. It was told that at the time of the incident, he had gone to the hospital to show his teeth and during that time he fell down while reading the newspaper there. Although he was immediately taken to the hospital, but by then he had died. The incident is from Balotra area of ​​Barmer district. The incident happened on Saturday morning at 10 am. The deceased was identified as 61-year-old Dilip Kumar Madani, a resident of Pachpadra. Dileep has a garments business in Surat, Gujarat. He was living in Surat for many years. On November 4, he had come to his village Barmer from Surat.

Fell down while reading the newspaper:

While waiting due to the queue of patients, Dileep started reading the newspaper. Then suddenly his health deteriorated and then he fell down.

A video of Dilip's sudden death has also surfaced. It is seen in this video that Dileep is sitting and reading the newspaper. After reading the newspaper for a few minutes, he suddenly collapses. Hearing the sound of falling, the girl sitting at the reception started handling the businessman. Doctors and two or three people came out from inside the clinic and seeing their health deteriorating, they were sent to Nahata Hospital in Balotra. The doctors declared him dead.