Lok Sabha Elections / Mangalsutra-Muslim...Why did the political temperature rise before voting in the second phase of elections?

Zoom News : Apr 24, 2024, 09:13 AM
Lok Sabha Elections: Voting for the second phase of Lok Sabha elections is to be held on April 26, but before that, politics is at its peak. The reason for this is that in this phase, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi from Wayanad, BJP's Hema Malini from Mathura, BJP's Arun Govil from Meerut, Shashi Tharoor from Thiruvananthapuram, Union Minister and BJP leader Chandrashekhar, BJP's Jugal Kishore from Jammu Lok Sabha seat. And many veterans including Raman Bhalla of Congress are in the election fray. The election noise for this phase of voting will stop from Wednesday evening and after this there will be no public meeting of any candidate and the candidates and their star campaigners will be able to go door-to-door to seek votes for the next 48 hours.

Let us inform that in the second phase of Lok Sabha elections, voting will be held on 88 Lok Sabha seats of 12 states and one union territory on April 26. A total of 1,206 candidates are in the fray in the second phase of Lok Sabha elections. Before this, on one hand the heat of the weather continues in many states, while on the other hand the political temperature is also at its peak. While the Election Commission is making many efforts to protect the voters from the heat, the election wind is very hot, which is continuously increasing.

Politics is hot on PM Modi's statement

The political fight for Lok Sabha elections 2024 has shifted from property survey to Muslims and Mangalsutra. Congress has also complained to the Election Commission regarding the statements of BJP stalwarts, especially the PM, but the rhetoric and counterattacks are not stopping. Referring to the manifesto of Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has fueled the political uproar regarding Mangalsutra and Muslim reservation. So, now Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi has hit back at PM Modi's statement and said that my grandmother had earlier also donated gold for the country and not only this, her (Priyanka Gandhi's) mother Sonia Gandhi's Mangalsutra is for the country. Has been sacrificed for.

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi on Tuesday targeted PM Modi's statement and told how the women of her family sacrificed for the country. Addressing a rally in Bengaluru, Priyanka said, "For the last two days it is being said that Congress wants to snatch your 'Mangalsutra' and gold. I want to tell that it has been 70 years since our country got independence and there was Congress government in this country for 55 years, so did anyone snatch your gold, 'Mangalsutra'?

My grandmother donated gold, mother sacrificed mangalsutra-Priyanka

Priyanka Gandhi said that Mangalsutra is a jewelery worn by Hindu women during and after their marriage, which is considered as the wedding symbol of a married woman. These people cannot understand "During the war, Indira Gandhi gave her gold to the country and my mother's Mangalsutra was sacrificed for the country...The truth is that these (BJP) people cannot understand the struggle of women." Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi was referring to the assassination of her father Rajiv Gandhi in Bengaluru, who was assassinated by Sri Lankan Tamil extremists in 1991.

Let us tell you that Congress had released the manifesto on April 4 and the issue raised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the basis of the party's manifesto and Rahul Gandhi's statement in Telangana, has now been taken up by the entire BJP. BJP leaders from Amit Shah to Mohan Yadav and Gajendra Shekhawat are making the Congress manifesto an issue.

What has PM Modi said?

While addressing an election rally in Banswara, Rajasthan, PM Modi had said that if the Congress government comes to power, they will take people's properties and distribute them to people with more children and infiltrators. Modi had said, 'Earlier when his government was in power, he had said that Muslims have the first right on the country's property. This means to whom will these people collect the wealth and distribute it? Those who have more children, we will distribute them. Will distribute the infiltrators. Will your hard-earned money be given to infiltrators? Do you accept this?'

He had further said, 'This Congress manifesto is saying that they will calculate the gold of the mothers and sisters, take information about it and then distribute it to those to whom Manmohan Singh's government had said that Muslims have the first right on property. Is. Brothers and sisters, this thinking of urban Naxals, my mothers and sisters, will not let even your Mangalsutra be saved. They will go till here.

Recently, during an election rally, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while referring to the statement of former PM Manmohan Singh, had said that if Congress had come to power, it would have distributed the country's wealth among Muslims. At the same time, India alliance partner and National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah has targeted PM Modi's statement. He said that a Muslim will never snatch the mangalsutra of any mother or sister… he is not a Muslim. He said that my Islam has not taught me to hate any religion… I love Hindus as much as I love Muslims or Sikhs.