India / Manmohan's attack on BJP before elections in Punjab, still holds Nehru responsible

Zoom News : Feb 17, 2022, 02:58 PM
Former Prime Minister and Congress leader Manmohan Singh on Thursday targeted the BJP. He alleged that due to the poor policies of the central government during Corona, people are troubled by the economy, unemployment and rising inflation. Manmohan Singh said, "After running the government for 7.5 years, instead of admitting its mistake and making corrections, the government is first on blaming Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru."

Former Prime Minister Singh said, "The fake nationalism of this government is as hollow as it is dangerous. Their nationalism is based on the divide and rule policy of the British. Constitutional institutions are constantly being weakened. Has proved to be a complete failure on the front too."

'I spoke through my work'

Manmohan Singh said, "I think the post of PM has a special significance. The PM should maintain dignity instead of blaming history. When I was the Prime Minister for 10 years, I spoke through my work." I have never let the country lose its prestige before the world. I have never diminished India's pride. I am at least satisfied that after the false accusations against me of being weak, quiet and corrupt, BJP And his B and C-team is getting exposed in front of the nation."

'China is sitting on our border and...'

The two-time prime minister also accused the government of trying to hide Chinese incursions along the Line of Actual Control. Dr Singh said "They (BJP-led government) have no understanding of economic policy. This issue is not limited to the country. This government has also failed in foreign policy. China is sitting on our border and it (infiltration) Attempts are being made to suppress it."

'Forcible hugging, swinging on a swing does not help foreign policy'

Singh said that I hope that the PM understands that foreign policy cannot run by forcibly hugging leaders, swinging on a swing or feeding biryani. He accused the BJP-led government of "fake nationalist and divisive policies" and said its foreign policy had failed. He said, "We never divided the country for political gains. We never tried to hide the truth. We never lowered the honor of the country or the status of the PM. Today people are being divided. This government Their fake nationalism is hollow and dangerous. Their nationalism is based on the divide and rule policy of the British. Constitutional institutions are being weakened."