India Pakistan Relation / Only 'Manmohan Singh' can save Pakistan from drowning! Why did the Pak expert say this?

Zoom News : Feb 15, 2023, 10:04 AM
India Pakistan Relation: Pakistan is stuck in such a quagmire of economic crisis that it is not able to get out of it. The Sharif government had high hopes from the IMF, but nothing has happened so far. Along with the arrival of summer, the temperature in Shahbaz Sharif's mind is also rising. They have not left any such option. So that he can get Pakistan out of this crisis. In such a situation, the experts of Pakistan have started taunting his decision and now they are also remembering former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Don't know how many countries have asked for loans from Pakistan, but it is also believing that this crisis is not going to end with loans.

Dr. Manmohan Singh pulled out of the crisis

Economic experts say that in the 1990s there was an economic crisis in India as well. At that time Manmohan Singh was brought to India and he praises India for his appointment at that time. He says that in the 1990s, the government of India understood that if the country was to be rejuvenated, they needed capable people. Whom did they bring at that time? He gave a chance to people like Manmohan Singh. He is a very efficient and respected person. He didn't even tell about the religion of the main people and India appointed him regardless of others.

Country runs on merit

In conversation with Miftah Ismail, former finance minister of Pakistan, says that if you give preference to family members more than merit while taking decisions and if you give all important posts to your brother, brother-in-law, daughter and nephews, then you will save 22 crores. People can't run the country. He also expressed his anger on the Imran government for this economic crisis. He also lashed out at the previous government and criticized its policies. He also praised India fiercely.