India / Marburg virus After Corona the world is in awe of Disease X WHO warns it can become an epidemic

Zoom News : Nov 25, 2022, 11:32 PM
Diseases X Discovered After Corona: The world is still fighting with dangerous diseases like corona and monkeypox that another dangerous disease has knocked in the world. Scientists believe that it can take the form of a big epidemic in the future. There will hardly be any person who has not lost his relatives or acquaintances in the outbreak of Corona. Researchers believe that if this disease takes the form of an epidemic, it can prove to be more dangerous than Ebola. WHO has started working against this disease X.

80 percent of patients died

The researcher has made many scary revelations regarding this disease. It is being told that 80 percent of people suffering from this disease die. It is so dangerous that till now scientists do not have any clear information about it. After Corona, most people are facing weak immunity. Meanwhile, some researchers believe that this disease can easily make more people their diet.

Showing effect in African countries

According to media reports, most of its cases are coming from the countries of West Africa. If the patient is not kept properly in this, then it can spread in a large part of the country. Researchers are doing research day and night for the treatment of Disease X. WHO has prepared a team of about 300 scientists to deal with this disease. This team will also work on the research of medicines and vaccines that show effect against this disease. Researchers believe that if this disease takes the form of an epidemic, then it can kill more people than corona and any other infectious epidemic.