Special / Michigan woman win 91 lakh rupees thought email about lottery a sca

Zoom News : Feb 14, 2023, 02:13 PM
Special | In politics, when parties make promises that they assure every person that if they win the election, lakhs of rupees will come into their account overnight. The general public also starts dreaming about this and then always keeps groping for the message or email (woman thought email about lottery jackpot scam) on their phone that suddenly money should come to them. It sounds like a dream, but think what would happen if a person really gets an email that he has become a millionaire? The way things are today, many people will think the email is fake. A woman from America (Michigan woman win 91 lakh rupees lottery) also felt the same when a mail came on her email ID in which it was written that she has become a millionaire.

According to the report of the UPI website, a 47-year-old woman living in Oakland County, Michigan, was also expected to become a millionaire, but she knew how many online scams are happening nowadays. So when he suddenly got a mail from Michigan Lottery in which it was written that he had won $110,689 i.e. Rs 91 lakh. As soon as the woman read her email, she felt that it was a scam and clicking on any link would deduct her money. But after a few hours when she got a call, she came to know that she had actually won the lottery.

Email not trusted

According to the report of the Michigan Lottery Connect website, the woman played the monthly jackpot game on the Michigan Lottery's website. After this, on December 14, her name came out in the lucky draw and she won. The woman told the website that she knew she had hit the jackpot, but was sure she would not win. That's why he was very surprised to see the mail.

the woman got her money

She told that she was just checking her email when she saw this message. After receiving the call, she was convinced that she was really alive and there was no limit to her happiness. Recently she also went to the company's headquarters where she took her money. Now she wants to spend this money on the design of her house.