Bhojpuri Singer Shilpi Raj MMS / MMS of this Bhojpuri star was leaked, after months Hasina talked about leaving the world

Zoom News : Nov 24, 2022, 09:56 AM
Shilpi Raj Suicide Note after MMS Leak Controversy: There are many big names in Bhojpuri industry too, who get almost as much popularity as Bollywood stars. One of those names is also of the well-known singer of Bhojpuri cinema, Shilpi Raj. Along with her songs and videos, unfortunately now Shilpi is known for another reason and that is her MMS Leak. Let us tell you that a few months ago an MMS of Shilpi was leaked, after which Haseena has now talked about leaving the world on social media.

MMS of this Bhojpuri star was leaked

For your information, let us tell you that in April 2022 Shilpi Raj's MMS was leaked. In this video which went viral in jokes, this Bhojpuri singer was doing sexual activities with her alleged boyfriend Vijay Chauhan. Please tell that after the leak of this video, Shilpi had also appealed to the crying fans on social media not to share this video online. A few days later, Shilpi denied that she was in the video.

Haseena talked about leaving the world after months

Several months after this incident, now a social media post of Shilip Raj is going viral which looks like a 'suicide note' in many ways. Shilpi has written on Facebook apologizing to her mother that she no longer wants to live in this world. Shilpi writes- 'I could not do any work well - neither studies nor music. What was I and what have I become, to tell the truth, today I have definitely become a puppet, I do not understand what to do. Mother you are the only one who has stopped me but now I do not feel like living in this world; I'm sorry you...'

This Facebook post of Shilpi had upset her fans a lot. Please tell that after some time she also deleted this post and also clarified that she is not going to commit suicide, at that time she had written such a post under stress.