Madhya Pradesh / Mother daughter used to blackmail by making videos committed fraud of 90 lakhs

Zoom News : Nov 10, 2022, 09:54 PM
In Madhya Pradesh, the police have arrested such a mother-daughter, you will be surprised to hear the exploits of which. It is alleged on the mother-daughter that she used to trap people in the honeytrap trap. Mother-daughter used to implicate people and collect lakhs of rupees by threatening them to register a case against them under sections like rape and gang-rape. Police said that the mother-daughter had made many people their victims from different areas of Indore. She used to make videos by trapping people. Police said that till now the mother and daughter together have recovered a total of Rs 90 lakh.

used to do blackmail like this

Police said that a few days ago a youth came to the police station with a complaint. The youth said in the complaint that Sangeeta Thakur and her mother Bhumika Thakur are demanding money by making a video of her. Realizing the seriousness of the matter, the police investigated. In the investigation, it was revealed that both the mother and daughter used to befriend people first and then used to blackmail them. She used to make videos to do blackmail. When she did not get money on the basis of the video, she used to file a fake case of rape in the police station.

People used to get scared after a rape case was registered in the police station. Taking advantage of this, mother and daughter used to collect money from people. After investigation, the police arrested the mother and daughter. Both are being questioned in the matter. It has come to the fore in the investigation that the mother and daughter together have recovered a total of 90 lakh rupees so far.