Science / NASA chief said - there are 'aliens' in the universe, one day there will be contact

Zoom News : Jul 10, 2021, 06:36 AM
Former astronaut and NASA chief Bill Nelson has said that humans are not the only civilized creatures in this universe. Apart from these, there are likely to be more intelligent creatures. What we call intelligent life. Or in common language, it is called Alien. Humans will definitely meet these aliens one day. Bill Nelson's statement comes just weeks after the Pentagon's report on alien vehicles. It was said in the report that aliens cannot be confirmed, but NASA chief is saying that there are other creatures in the universe.

NASA Chief Bill Nelson said in an interview given to a TV channel that there are people from other worlds in some corner of the universe. Apart from Earth, intelligent life will definitely reside on some planets. NASA is constantly monitoring these things. Along with this, they are keeping an eye on the signals, messages and events of alien vehicles coming from space.

Bill Nelson says that when you have a 13.5 billion year old universe in front of you, there is every possibility that there will be other suns too. There will be another earth too. There will be an atmosphere like ours. It is only a matter of time that we get any message or signal from there. It is certain that a time will come when humans will establish contact with the intelligent life of another planet. Then this relationship will last a long time.

The US space agency NASA is constantly working to find such intelligent life in planets and stars in its solar system and beyond. Apart from this, NASA is also searching for other suns and habitable planets. Just now, on Monday, July 5, NASA's Ingenuity helicopter made its ninth flight on Mars. This flight was the longest, longest and fastest flight ever. The Ingenuity helicopter was flying at a speed of 5 meters per second. Bill said that maybe someday this helicopter will give us some message of life on Mars.

Let us tell you that on June 25, the US Defense Ministry, the Pentagon, issued a report, which said that there is no solid information about the alien vehicle i.e. UFO. The Pentagon report said that between 2004 and 2021, there have been 144 incidents of alien sightings, of which they can confirm only one. The remaining 143 could not give detailed information about the incidents. There was a lot of controversy about this.

Aliens are revolving around the 1715 stars present around the earth. These stars exist only within a distance of 325 light years from Earth. Scientists have claimed this after surveying the solar system, out of which there are 1402 stars from where the aliens are looking directly at the earth. Of these, 75 stars are such that they are catching the radio rays sent from the earth. You can guess from this that aliens are keeping an eye on Earth from all sides in the solar system.

The most important technique used by scientists to extract this data was the analysis of radio and other types of rays exchanged between these stars and the Earth. Because wherever there are aliens, they block these radio and other rays. Lisa Kaltenezer of Cornell University in New York and Jackie Faherty of the American Museum of Natural History analyzed data from the Gaia Space Telescope.

Lisa and Jackie observed that there are 1715 stars around the Earth in the Solar System, around which the presence of aliens is being recorded. Of these, 1402 stars are in such a position from where aliens can see the Earth directly. Whenever the earth passes between the sun and those stars, aliens keep watch over the earth. Whereas 313 stars in such a position which are slightly away. But they also stop or catch the radio waves being sent from the earth in some way or the other.

Lisa and Jackie used data from the Gaia Space Telescope to simulate the movement of these stars for 10,000 years. This simulation showed that out of 10,000 years, for 6914 years, the aliens who have been revolving around the stars are keeping an eye on the earth. This time is so long that a planet can be easily monitored. If those aliens have telescopes more powerful than us, then they can capture our radio waves.

All the radio waves that have been sent from Earth to space in the last 100 years have been intercepted around 75 stars. These stars are very close to the earth. Both researchers have estimated that there are 500 rocky worlds in the Goldilock Zone of 1715 stars, where there are signs of life. Scientists also know about some of these. While some of these are also quite famous on earth. Like- The TRAPPIST-1 System, it has Earth-sized planets. This system has been monitoring the earth for more than three thousand years.