World / NASA Will Spend 9 Billion Dollar TO Bring The Soil Of Mars To Earth

Zoom News : Jun 05, 2021, 08:14 PM
The US space agency NASA is going to bring the world's most expensive object to Earth. Actually NASA will bring the dust and soil collected from Mars to Earth. If this happens, it will be the most expensive material in the world so far. After bringing this soil to the earth, a lot of research will be done through it.

NASA will bring 2 pounds (about a kilogram) of soil from Mars over the course of three missions. NASA will bring this soil to Earth to investigate traces of ancient life on Mars.

There will be huge expenditure for three missions

All three NASA missions will cost US$9 billion in total.

Understand this also that to bring two pounds of soil from Mars, it will cost about two million times more money than the cost of two pounds of gold.

If this soil comes to Earth, then it will be a great achievement for scientists because till now the surface information is being collected through the rover present on Mars.

What will NASA's three missions do?

  • NASA's first mission will examine and collect samples of Martian soil.
  • The second mission will collect samples and pack them in a launcher to launch them into Mars orbit.
  • The third mission will bring samples of Martian soil back to Earth.
  • The first mission was launched on July 2020 as Perseverance rover.
  • The rover made a landing on the planet in February 2021.
According to NASA, the work of collecting surface samples will be completed by 2023. But it may take about a decade to bring it back to Earth.