Bollywood / NCB can ask 12 question from Ananya Panday related to aryan khan drug case during Interrogation

Zoom News : Oct 21, 2021, 09:26 PM
Bollywood | NCB Interrogation with Ananya Panday: Aryan Khan, son of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, has been in jail for a long time due to drugs case. He was arrested earlier in the month on 3rd for attending a rave party. NCB had detained Aryan from this rave party during a raid, after which no decision has been taken regarding Aryan's bail till now. Now in this case, the house of actress Ananya Pandey has been raided. NCB has raided the house of Bollywood actress. In this case, NCB had sent summons to the actress, after which Ananya appeared and was interrogated.

Three officers interrogated

According to sources, a woman officer and two male officers were present during the interrogation of Ananya, one of whom was Sameer Wankhede. Ananya's lawyer or any member of her family was not allowed to be present during the interrogation. Therefore, father Chunky Pandey, who reached the NCB office with him, had to wait outside. Now Ananya will be questioned again tomorrow. Today the actress was interrogated for about two hours. Was called for questioning again yesterday morning.

These questions were asked to Ananya

According to sources, these 12 questions were asked to Ananya Panday.

  • What is your name, age, address, occupation?
  • Do you know Aryan Shahrukh Khan?
  • If yes, since when and how have you known Aryan?
  • When was the last time you had a conversation with Aryan and what happened?
  • Are you aware that charas ganja are all banned drugs?
  • Aryan Khan takes drugs or has he ever taken drugs, do you know?
  • Did you and Aryan ever have a conversation about drugs?
  • Have you ever used or bought drugs yourself?
  • Have you ever seen Aryan consuming or buying drugs?
  • Apart from this, have you seen anyone else taking drugs at Bollywood parties?
  • Do you know someone who provides drugs?
  • What do you have to say on this WhatsApp chat with Aryan?