Bollywood / Suhana Khan Ananya Pandey or Shanaya Kapoor Who Will Get Married First Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives

Zoom News : Sep 04, 2022, 10:09 PM
Bollywood actress Ananya Pandey, Suhana Khan and Shanaya Kapoor are best friends. All three stars are growing fast in the kids industry and Shanaya Kapoor is going to take her first step in the cinema world soon. The second season of Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives is making headlines and in this show, Shanaya Kapoor has told who among her friends Suhana Khan and Ananya Pandey will tie the knot first.

Suhana Khan will marry after Ananya

Talking about Suhana Khan and Ananya Pandey's personal life, Shanaya Kapoor said, 'I think in you (Ananya Pandey) and in me, you will get married first.' Ananya Pandey gave her response to this and said – I feel like I will marry both of them again. I am waiting for this to happen.

Wanted to marry Vicky-Katrina

After this Shanaya Kapoor told how Ananya Pandey will be the first of them to marry. Shanaya said that look, first Ananya will marry, then Suhana Khan and lastly I will marry. Shanaya even said that she wants to do three marriages and agreeing to Shanaya's point, Ananya Pandey said that she wanted to crash the gate of Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif's marriage.

Karan Johar had said this thing for the group

Let us tell you that Shanaya Kapoor, Ananya Pandey and Suhana Khan are very good friends. All three have formed a chat group in which there is a lot of gossip. Regarding Shanaya Kapoor and Ananya Pandey's group, Karan Johar said during a conversation on the same show that he feels FOMO for not being a part of this group.