Russia-Ukraine / Nepalese are being killed in Russia-Ukraine war, 16 more youth lost their lives, Nepal government asks for compensation

Vikrant Shekhawat : Mar 20, 2024, 08:28 AM
Russia-Ukraine: The war between Russia and Ukraine continues. Meanwhile, Nepalese youth have also joined the Russian army. But there have also been reports of deaths of Nepalese in the ongoing war. In the latest case, not one or two, but 16 Nepalis have lost their lives fighting with the Ukrainian army. So far, the number of Nepali youth killed in the Russia-Ukraine war has reached 33. Actually, the Nepal government has banned the recruitment of Gorkhas in the Indian Army. Therefore, these youth are going to Russia and joining the army there. With the death of 16 Nepalese, this is the highest number of deaths of people from any country outside Russia in the war with Ukraine.

Nepal government has immediately come into action on the death of Nepalese. The Nepal government has requested Russia to withdraw its troops. Nepal's Foreign Ministry has issued a statement in this regard. The statement said that DNA samples of family members of the slain Nepalis are being collected. These samples will be sent to Russia for identification.

Know what Nepal's Foreign Ministry said?

According to the Nepalese Foreign Ministry, Nepal has already clarified that it allows recruitment of its citizens only in those foreign armies with which it has signed bilateral agreements. The government, in two separate notices issued earlier, had asked its citizens not to visit Russia without obtaining a 'no objection' letter from the Department of Consular Affairs. More than 200 families have filed complaints with the consular department to protect their relatives serving in the Russian army.

116 injured so far, many missing

Kirti Bhandari, who led a campaign on behalf of the families of Nepalese citizens serving in the Russian Army, had recently said in his post that more than 620 Nepalese are serving in the Russian Army. So far 116 Nepalese are injured, 274 are missing.

Nepal asked for compensation from Russia

According to the Nepalese Foreign Ministry, Nepalese Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Kazi Shrestha talked to Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov on the issue of Nepalese youth working in the Russian Army. Shrestha requested for expediting the repatriation of the killed Nepalese, compensation to the families of the deceased and facilitating the return of soldiers serving in Russia.