Russia-Ukraine War / Ukraine attacked Russia for the first time - America gave secret weapon

Zoom News : Apr 25, 2024, 07:59 AM
Russia-Ukraine War: The war continues between Russia and Ukraine. Ukraine is getting full support from America in this war. Recently the US House of Representatives approved US $ 61 billion aid for Ukraine. But meanwhile, Ukraine has used long-range ballistic missiles secretly provided by America for the first time. American officials have given information about this. Last week, Russian forces were bombed in another occupied area in Crimea, including a military airfield, officials said.

America gave the missile

In October last year, America had provided Ukraine with a new missile with double the strike capacity. Through these missiles, targets up to a distance of 300 kilometers can be targeted. An official said that these missiles are being given to Ukraine under a new military aid package signed by US President Joe Biden. Meanwhile, the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said that 'this is the right time' to provide long-range missiles to Ukraine.

Ukraine may target Russian targets

In recent times, Ukraine has been suffering from shortage of military equipment. Attacks on Ukraine have been intensified by Russia. Ukraine is facing continuous Russian attacks. Ukraine was requesting a long-range missile system. Now the missile provided by America can target distant Russian targets. The use of these missiles can give Ukraine a significant advantage in the war.

Ukraine is getting help

It should also be mentioned here that after the help from America, now Britain has also come forward to help Ukraine. Britain has pledged an additional US$620 million in new military supplies for Ukraine. Britain has made this announcement at a time when the Russia-Ukraine war is in its third year and Ukraine is struggling to stop the advance of Russian forces on the eastern border.